You Can Now Find Portland Soda Works' Fancy Pop Syrups at New Seasons

Local maker Chris Onstad's quest to craft the "Belgian beer of soda pop" lands at local grocery stores.

By Kelly Clarke April 21, 2015

Portland Soda Works Root Beer syrup

Soda nerd alert! Two of Portland Soda Works’ fancy pop syrups are now on the shelves at five New Seasons Markets outposts.

Until recently, the strong, layered concoctions, which when combined with soda water sip like sweet, crisp teas with a tickle of carbonation, have only been available at a handful of area restaurants.

Now, co-founder Chris Onstad (who added “nuanced soda syrup crafter” to a resume that already included "nationally lauded graphic novelist" and "food critic" three years ago) has gone retail. He and biz partner Dan McLaughlin debuted both PSW's tangy Ginger Beer, packed with fresh ginger root and dried chile, and meticulously crafted Root Beer, which vibrates with warming spices and black pepper married to a mellow mix of three sugars, molasses, and his own vanilla bean extract. 

Find out more about the local imbiber’s quest to craft “the Belgian beer of soda pops” in our recent profile.

PSW’s handsome 375ml bottles sell for $10.99 at New Seasons’ Concordia, Grant Park, Seven Corners, Cedar Hills, and Progress Ridge stores.

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