Big-Ass Sandwiches: Back and Bigger than Ever

The tourist-adored, Travel Channel-approved cart puts down roots and expands its menu with French Dip sandwiches and Nacho Fries.

By Rachel Sandstrom June 23, 2015

If the hashtag #putitinyourmouth means anything to you, we’ve got good news: Big Ass Sandwiches, the television famous, Travel Channel-approved cart has expanded beyond their signature, French fry-stuffed sandwich menu and put down permanent roots at 5663 NE Glisan St, inside the old Tarboush space. 

After six years in a cramped, 100+ degree cart, owners Brian and Lisa Wood relish their newfound legroom and fully functional air conditioner. The compact 36-seat space includes an un-fussy full bar with five rotating taps and enough Timbers paraphernalia to make Timber Joey proud.

Longtime fans can still find that tourist-nectar, the hefty “Big-Ass” sandwich, weighing in at around one full pound and layered with turkey, roast beef, ham, French fries, and luxuriant béchamel sauce. Now, you can also expect to find “regular-ass sandwiches,” (sans French fries), “cold-ass sandwiches,” (cold cuts!) and a slew of comfort-driven extras, mac and cheese to Caesar salad. 

Early favorites from the new lineup include a Regular Ass French Dip sandwich with roast beef, horseradish cream, Swiss cheese and au jus (meat drippings), reduced for seven hours, all barely contained by two slices of Fleur De Lis bread; Brian’s Meaty Balls, two juicy, baseball-sized beef and pork meatballs sitting on a mound of penne; and Nacho Fries, the ultimate stoner food, with grilled onions, pickled jalapeno, béchamel and Aardvark sauce soaking deep into the greasy spuds. Like the sandwiches, you can take fries to a whole new heart-stopping level with a “bacon-cheese” variety.

“We’re not rewriting anything,” says Brian. “We’re making the food we love.”

Big-Ass Sandwiches
5663 NE Glisan
Tues-Sun, 11am-11pm

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