Snackrilege Opens Vegan Metal Food Cart in New NoPo Pod

The local seitan company now sells sandwiches and more at Piedmont Station.

By Tuck Woodstock June 16, 2015

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Portland has a lot of food carts. But our flock of 600+ mobile eateries has never included a meat-free, metalhead-friendly option… until now.  

Slaughter of the Roll: tofu burger, seitan bacon, sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese, Portland French Bakery pub roll

Snackrilege is the first food cart to open at Piedmont Station at 6th & Killingsworth—a space that previously sat vacant for more than two decades. Founder Rosalind McCallard first launched Snackrilege in February 2014, making grab-and-go vegan cheesesteaks for local markets and cafeterias. Fast-forward 15 months, and McCallard has expanded her seitan empire to an extensive menu of made-to-order eats at her shiny new cart.

“I want to make comfort food that meat eaters won’t be put off by,” says McCallard, who went vegetarian 28 years ago. “I want to convert the whole world to being vegan, and they’re not going to do that if they don’t think they can eat well." Okay, that explains the meatless menu. But what about the metal part?

 “My husband and I are metalheads,” McCallard explains. “We’ve had one person ask us about the satanic implications. There aren’t any. It’s just an aesthetic. It’s something fun. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously.” 

So what does a metal vegan meal look like? Like Snackrilege’s wholesale lineup, the menu is heavy on both wheat-meat—think seitan hot wings and maple seitan bacon—and music puns, featuring names like “Notorious BLT,” “Tofu Balls to the Wall,” and “Raisin Hell” cookies.  The cart offers a robust roster of hot and cold sandwiches, from tempeh-based tuna and tofu mushroom burgers to breaded “chicken” and “meatball” marinara subs, as well as fried appetizers, beer cheese soup, and “Kale ‘Em All” salad.

With tentative hours set at 8 am–8 pm daily (10 am weekends), Snackrilege also supplies several tasty breakfast options. We’re stoked on the “Ring of Fire Style” French toast, a sweet-and-spicy treat made with chili basil cashew cheese and Portland French Bakery Sourdough. Herbivore or omnivore, it’s worth a visit… unless you’re gluten-free, in which case, turn back while you still can!

Johnny Cashew Cream French Toast: sweet curry maple cashew cream on Portland French Bakery sourdough with housemade maple seitan bacon

625 NE Killingsworth
8 am–8 pm Monday–Friday
10 am–8 pm Saturday–Sunday


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