Chinese crêpes from Bing Mi!

We all know that Portland is America's Great Restaurant Destination, and given proper planning you could likely come up with enough incredible meals to fill a full week without repeats (ahem, like we did here). But when time is short and budget is a major concern—like during a panicked lunch hour downtown—all of that foodie research and preparation flies out the window and you're left staring down at a $15 Whole Foods salad or a risky cart purchase you made on a whim just because it had the shortest line. 

We get it. We work downtown, making the magazine that informs Portland about the all-time best meals this city has to offer, and even we get overwhelmed with all the options and default to a few tried-and-true favorites. To help out our fellow man—and acknowledge that it's not always practical to sit down to a two-hour, $40 meal worthy of our cover shot in the middle of a busy Thursday—we assembled a list our favorite downtown meals. Behold, how Portland Monthly really eats.

Rachel Ritchie, Executive Editor
Michael Novak, Art Director
  • The carnitas burrito with everything at La Jarochita ("Make sure to get the green sauce called 'guacamole.'”)
  • Tuna and White bean salad at Café Voila ("If you’re feeling guilty after eating the burrito.")
  • Double burger with fries at Lardo
  • The Kelsey sandwich at Grilled Cheese Grill, with added grilled mushrooms and turkey
Kelly Clarke, Senior Editor
  • Bing Mi!, add Chinese sausage and double cracker
  • Café Voila chicken caesar
  • Spielman Bagels
  • Maya Taco chicken mole burrito w/ extra salsa
  • Garden Bar ("I usually try out the special or anything with kale.")
  • All-Way cheeseburger & fries
  • Sawasdee Thai cart pad kee mao medium spicy w/ extra veggie ("Because the owner Sunny is the nicest human on the planet and she has remembered my order for a decade")
  • No 1 Bento bulgogi with yam noodle salad
  • In case of emotional emergency: Lardo's meatball banh mi.

Fiona McCann, Arts Editor
Allison Jones, Digital Editor/Health Editor
  • Wolf & Bear's: sabich on greens instead of pita with a side of grilled potato and extra green sauce
  • Lardo's sandwiches made as salads!
  • Imperial: Kale & Vegetable Salad with rotisserie grilled chicken
  • Kure Juice Bar: Honey Be Good bowl
  • Prasad: Utopian Dream "Pasta" (shredded green papaya, carrots, shredded collard greens, scallions and broccoli tossed in almond butter pad thai sauce) and a Gilt smoothie (carrot juice, coconut milk, mango, pineapple, turmeric, ginger, bee pollen).
  • But, really, homemade leftovers from the night before...
Zach Dundas, Executive Editor
Marty Patail, Associate Editor

Wolf & Bear's SW Portland cart

Benjamin Tepler, Associate Food Editor
Margaret Seiler, Copy Editor
  • BBQ pork bahn mi at Roll Plus Sushi ("So cheap!")
  • Bulgogi burrito at Korean Twist
  • "The thing with the meat and the egg" at Emame’s Ethiopian
  • "And I do like the polenta clafouti with an oyster on the side at Maurice on those days when the following are all true: I’m in absolutely no hurry and have something to read. I just feel like pretending I'm a wealthy femme d’un certain âge. I’m kind of hungover."
Eden Dawn, Style Editor

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Ramona DeNies, Assistant Editor
  • I admit to medicating myself about once a month, or as needed, with an All-Way burger. Also like the soup n sandwich cart (Savor Soup House) and Nong’s of course.
Sika Stanton, Web Producer
  • Caspian Kabob: Kubideh Kabob over salad (juicy grilled lamb and beef meatballs)
  • Garden Bar: Northwest Bowl sub avocado for cheese ("Solid.")
  • Verde Cocina farmer’s market stand on Wednesdays: Paleo Verde plate ("Simple, generous, and done right!")
Molly Woodstock, Digital Content Coordinator
Brian Barker, Contributing Editor
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