An Epic Vegan Beer Festival is Hitting Portland this Fall

The L.A.-based bash will bring 100 breweries and food vendors to Zidell Yards on Sept. 26

By Tuck Woodstock July 1, 2015

For all its kale-clad celebrities and fancy-pants plant-based restaurants, the Los Angeles vegan food scene isn’t all that superior to Portland’s. (Admittedly, I am very biased.) The one SoCal-exclusive event that I do covet is the Vegan Beer & Food Festival, an annual celebration featuring thousands of visitors, 100 vegan beers and dozens of animal-free food vendors strewn across the Rose Bowl infield.

The 6th Vegan Beer Festival in Los Angeles.

But hey, Portland has the most breweries per capita—and we’re guessing we might have the most vegans per capita, too. Isn’t it about time that the Vegan Beer & Food Festival folk threw a party for the Stumptown veggies?

The answer is yes, which is why we’re pleased to announce the 2015 Vegan Beer & Food Festival. Hosted by Herbivore Clothing, the Bye & Bye, and Doug Fir Lounge, the daylong celebration will take place at Zidell Yards on September 26. The event will feature live music, 50 food vendors, and beers from 50 breweries.

(In case you’re wondering: no, not all beer is vegan. Some brews, like milk stouts and honey-sweetened ales, are obviously off limits. Others use ingredients derived from animal bones, skins, tendons, and bladders in the filtering process.) 

Tickets for the event go on sale July 9, with many more details to come. Until then, mark your calendars—even the most devoted meat-eater can't say no to 50 beers, right? 

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