Deschutes Brewery Announces East Coast Expansion in Roanoke, Virginia

Not be to be confused with that settlement in North Carolina where all those colonists disappeared.

By Marty Patail March 22, 2016

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Deschutes Brewery has announced a new $85 million production facility in Roanoke, Virginia—its fourth location and first outside of Oregon. The 28-year-old brewery made the announcement in a livestream from its Bend brewpub. 

Oregon's largest brewery has been openly hunting for an East Coast foothold, with the Virginia city actively courting Deschutes for four years. Roanoke's campaign began in 2012 with a demonstration of its water quality in 2012 and culminated in a successful grassroots social media campaign, #Deschutes2Rke.

At a press conference this morning in downtown Roanoke, Gov. Terry McAuliffe lauded the new $35 million production center as a economic boon to the former mill town decimated by the collapse of the local timber industry. (Sound familiar?) 

"We can make beer anywhere," he said to applause. "However, we will make beer here."

The production facility will provide a strategic East Coast hub for distribution. Deschutes currently sells beer in 28 states and the District of Columbia. 

“We started Deschutes Brewery when craft beer wasn’t burgeoning and led with a beer style that wasn’t popular at the time—Black Butte Porter,” said Deschutes founder Gary Fish in a press release. “This pioneering approach was a key driver behind our decision to go with Roanoke, as that same spirit exists in this community and its fast-growing beer culture.”

If you're a Virginian waiting for a local wellspring of Fresh-Squeezed IPA, don't hold your breath too long. Construction will begin in 2019, with the first of the 150,000 barrels a year to begin flowing within the next five years.  

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