Where to Eat This Week

From creamy hummus at Cedo’s Falafel to Scotch eggs at the Toffee Club, these are the things you must eat this week.

By Eat Beat Team May 18, 2016

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1. Dip into a bowl of hummus at Cedo’s Falafel

Northeast MLK’s falafel spot takes its hummus seriously, soaking garbanzo beans overnight and simmering for hours before grinding them into a creamy ring that surrounds a moat of olive oil and a heap of super-tender chickpeas. Wedges of warm pita, crisp at the edges, make short work of the silky stuff.

2. Mount an offensive on Woodsman Tavern’s Seafood Tower

Gather five of your well-heeled friends and tackle this two-tiered ice tower of glorious seafood. A typical catch looks like this: 18 oysters, Dungeness crab and chilled prawns, little tins of smoked mussels, ham-cured scallop crudo, and buttery Maine sea urchin, marinated in orange, capers, and prunes. Fair warning: it could run your crew a full Benjamin. 

3. Manhandle a Philly cheesesteak at Monk’s Deli

This is a two-handed hoagie; one to make Philadelphia proud. Thin curls of beef and fried onion are heaped together in the maw of the bready sandwich and bound by cheese (white American, provolone, or—god bless them—Cheez Whiz). Get spicy pickled peppers for an added kick. 

4. Chomp into a cinnamon bun at Maggie’s Buns

While you could opt for a more nutrient-packed breakfast like an omelet or a bagel "Benedictine," it's hard to go to Maggie's Buns in Forest Grove without ordering one of the shop's namesakes. Share with a friend, and ask for an extra plate so you can control each bite's frosting-to-roll ratio.

5. Slice open a Scotch egg at the Toffee Club

Less than a month old, this friendly Hawthorne footie pub already possesses the creaky charm of a neighborhood institution, from wobbly tables and foosball to a thoughtfully winnowed draft list augmented by a cold case of Boddington’s and Old Speckled Hen. The bartender implies that a full cocktail list is in the works—in the meantime, a pint of Fuller's London Pride pairs deliciously with a $4.50 Scotch egg, nested on greens and oozing yolk.

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