Year in Review

The 10 Biggest Restaurant Openings and Closings of 2018

It was a bullish year for Portland eating.

12/19/2018 By Eat Beat Team

News to Chew

Woodsman Tavern to Close, Tasty n Sons to Move, and More PDX Food News

... including a new bottle shop at Dame, Blue Star Donut shuffles, and new details for the Paleys' third hotel restaurant.

11/14/2018 By Benjamin Tepler

Dining Guide

15 All-Time Favorite Places to Drink in Portland

From tiny tiki bars to underground cocktail bunkers to German beer halls, here are a few of the city's best spots to imbibe (with great food, to boot).

08/14/2018 By Eat Beat Team

News to Chew

Omertà Shutters, Doug Adams at the Woodsman Tavern, and More PDX Food News

… including a new Shalom Y’all in Southeast Industrial, a pizza-slinging bar from Modest Mouse, and Roe’s downtown opening date.

11/17/2017 By Benjamin Tepler

Dining Guide

15 Portland Seafood Spots Worth a Deep Dive

From ceviche to sushi, oysters to octopus, here are some of the best spots for devouring Cascadia's briny bounty.

07/10/2017 By Eat Beat Team

Dining Guide

12 Portland Restaurants Worth the Splurge

Sick of dirty fries and Velveeta? Spend your hard-earned cash at these spots.

04/17/2017 By Eat Beat Team

Hit List

Portland’s Best Fried Chicken

Sandwiched in a bun, served with spice-dusted jojos, or piled in a to-go bucket, these seven eateries set the bar for deep-fried poultry.

04/12/2017 By Eat Beat Team

Hit List

Portland’s 10 Best Oyster Spots

Shuck, slurp, and repeat.

03/28/2017 By Elise Herron


Where to Eat This Week

From creamy hummus at Cedo’s Falafel to Scotch eggs at the Toffee Club, these are the things you must eat this week.

05/18/2016 By Eat Beat Team


Beyond Halibut: Oregon Seafood You Must Eat Right Now

Black cod to gapers, bay shrimp to butter clams, here’s where to find—and how to prepare—the best of Oregon’s briny bounty.

05/13/2016 By Ramona DeNies and Kelly Clarke


GQ Names Woodsman Tavern a Top Whiskey Bar

The quintessential American men's mag hails the SE Division hot spot's daring Portland-style cocktails

05/06/2013 By Allison Jones


Sandwiches at the Woodsman Market

A specialty foods market puts its meat counter to good use.

05/02/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Woodsman Tavern in GQ

One of Portland’s sexiest new restaurants gets the Top Ten treatment from GQ Magazine’s restaurant team.

02/16/2012 By Allison Jones


Woodsman Tavern Opening for Brunch

Next up from this new world eatery with old school charm? Home-style cooking and craft cocktails for the a.m. crowd—plus a burger!

11/17/2011 By Allison Jones