PDX Essentials: Quadrant by Quadrant, All the Things We Can’t Live Without

Secret beaches to art deco splendor to OG dive bars, here are some of our favorite things in every corner of Portland.

By Portland Monthly Staff June 13, 2016 Published in the July 2016 issue of Portland Monthly


Breakfast.sweedeedee x8vwgz 1 no5goj

Eggs, bacon, and pancakes at Sweedeedee

Image: Karen Brooks

  1. Early-morning runs along N Willamette Boulevard
  2. Egg sandwiches at Sweedeedee (+ honey cake)
  3. The obscurantist stacks of Mississippi Records
  4. Wafer-thin zines at Reading Frenzy
  5. A quest for N Lombard’s best burrito: begin the search now!
  6. Buying a tie at the Man’s Shop in St. Johns


  1. The unusually narrow—but magical—one-and-a-half-block section of SW Park Avenue that instantly transports you to a random NYC side street (You’ll know it when you find it.)
  2. Ultra-urban happy hour at Momo’s, cozily encased between the backs of houses, rear windows, and fire escapes
  3. The glistening concrete cascades at Lovejoy Fountain
  4. Piles of strange magazines from Rich’s Cigar Store
  5. The Marquam Trail to Council Crest—you’ve done it, yeah?
  6. The explosion of Cascadian delicousness that is the Hillsdale Farmers Market

NE/SE Borderland

1213 davenport 8 iiduca

Davenport’s thin-sliced scallops, drizzled with Meyer lemon olive oil and sea salt, alongside mache lettuce

Image: Allison Jones

  1. Starting the day at Crema Coffee and Bakery: no pretension, just serious coffee
  2. Davenport for dinner
  3. Second-run flicks in 1920s art deco splendor at the Laurelhurst Theater
  4. The Taboada Triangle: John Taboada’s dining trilogy, including frontline PDX restaurant revolutionary Navarre, bespoke cocktails at Angel Face, gorgeous pasta at Luce
  5. Meat for Cats and Dogs: it’s exactly what it says it is.
  6. Sharp, chic bohemian fashion at Palace


  1. Stars Antique Mall, for weird new treasures
  2. A bike ride to SE Stark’s “vegan mini-mall” for tempeh bacon croissants and a wedge of cashew peppercorn brie
  3. Beating the dim sum hordes to H. K. Café for egg yolk buns and siu mai
  4. Fairy-forest-like Leach Botanical Garden
  5. Arepas and mescal cocktails in Teote’s lush backyard dining room


1013 old salt marketplace vyuycd

Old Salt's roasted chicken with peas, carrots, wheatberries, and pieces of pie crust alongside creamed kale and mushroom lasagna with baby turnips, topped with a fried egg

Image: Allison Jones

  1. BYOB happy hour—we’ll bring the Stoller Family Estate rosé—at Alberta Park
  2. Broadway Books, the essence of old-school neighborhood bookstore; Black Hat Books, the essence of new-school neighborhood bookstore 
  3. Cocktails and cured meats at Free House
  4. Ham biscuits at Old Salt
  5. The Spare Room, right across the street
  6. Popina Swim
  7. The secret beach on Marine Drive


  1. Reading in the sun at Couch Park
  2. Hidden nooks: Northwest Trinity Place, the Aspen Staircase, the Liechtenstein Consulate (There really is one.)
  3. A ferny run on Forest Park’s Maple Trail
  4. Sterling Coffee’s soul-stirring cappuccino 
  5. Ground Kontrol!
  6. The family-run international cornucopia of World Foods Market
  7. Yur’s, the Dockside, the Republic—never change!
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