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Food Fight! Announces Second Vegan Grocery Store

The plant-based Portland stalwart plans to open a location in the Gateway neighborhood, at NE Halsey and 111th.

By Tuck Woodstock August 12, 2016

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An anchor of Portland’s famous vegan mini mall, Food Fight! Grocery has been supplying herbivores with Tofurky sausages and dairy-free mac-and-cheese since 2003. Earlier this year, the local vegan community was rocked by rumors that German company Veganz was allegedly edging in on the local business’s turf, with plans to open another vegan grocery store only a few blocks away. But today, Veganz is nowhere to be seen in the city, and Food Fight has announced a new location—in a spot you may not expect.

Food Fight announced today that their second all-vegan grocery store will be located at 11155 NE Halsey. “See, told you you'd be disappointed [by the location], but we're not!” the company writes in a Facebook post. “We're super excited to have this opportunity, and it's been a long road to get there.”



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Founders Emiko Badillo and Chad Miller hope to open the new outpost sometime in October—we presume stocking the same assortment of nut cheeses, dairy-free cookies, meatless jerkies, and plant-based hot pockets as their flagship store. According to the Facebook post, the building will also house Jet Black Coffee Company, owned by a friend of Badillo and Miller. 

Food Fight encourages its loyal customers to stay tuned for “DIY fundraising schemes and updates,” the first of which seems to be a metal-themed Snackrilege pop-up on August 24. In the meantime, if you’re looking for cheeseless Cheez-Its, you know where to look.

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