It's a Wonderful Buffet

It's a Scandinavian Holiday All-You-Can-Eat Miracle

Broder Söder hosts a lavish Swedish "julbord" holiday buffet at Nordia House and makes all your gluttonous winter wishes come true.

By Kelly Clarke December 9, 2016

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What might you find at a Scandinavian julbord? One sure bet is jul glögg, traditionally served in small, handled mugs, alongside spiced cookies and, perhaps, Dutch black licorice.

Hey, remember last year when PoMo's December issue gifted you with "A Picture Perfect Meal From the Land of Ice and Snow," an eye-popping bacchanal of Scandinavian holiday recipes from BroderHoldfast, and Maurice? You know, the one peppered with steaming cups of hot glögg, tiny Swedish horse decorations, Aquavit punch, and mildly ribald Nordic drinking songs? (We'll wait right here while you click that link and reacquaint yourself. Seriously. It's worth it.)

Well, one of our key conspirators/inspiration for that story was Martin Hulth, Broder Söder co-owner and native Swede. The holiday-obsessed expat loves the traditional Swedish holiday buffet (a.k.a. julbord) so much that for years he threw the festive potlucks for up to 150 people as a part of a heritage group in Chicago. After moving to PDX in 2008, he eventually launched smaller annual parties at Broder.

Now, he's mounting his biggest Scan potluck ever, with a gala public julbord next Friday, December 16 at Southwest Portland's spacious, serene Nordia House. If all goes well, this will be the first annual Broder Söder Julbord, with multiple julbord parties planned for late 2017 and beyond. As for this year? The menu isn't finalized yet, but expect all the Jansson's Temptation, various pickled herrings and sausages, gravlax, and julskinka (Christmas ham) one could ever wish to stuff oneself with.

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A selection of magical Scandinavian holiday treats often available at Broder's Portland outposts, from lingonberry jam tart and lussekatter saffron buns to pepparkakor Swedish gingerbread.

As Hulth announced, mid-ice storm (!) on Thursday: "[This will] hopefully set forth a new tradition that all Portlanders can enjoy (Scandinavian or not)! There will be akvavit julvisor drinking songs sung (with lyrics and pronunciations provided) and a glögg reception so it'll still help those from Sweden feel a little less homesick during the holidays."

Tickets are $55 and include "glögg and all the Swedish holiday buffet you can eat." Seats are going fast, so claim your chair ASAP. 

See? Holiday wishes do come true.

Julbord Holiday Buffet 
Hosted by Broder Söder at Nordia House
8800 SW Oleson Road
6 p.m. Friday, Dec 16
$55, info and tickets here 

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