Feast 2018

Feast Launches Limited-Edition New Seasons Market Collaborations

… and we taste-tested them to find the very best.

By Benjamin Tepler August 29, 2018

Feast's New Seasons Collaberations 

Can’t make it to Feast (Sept 13–16)? That’s totally OK. You can sample Portland’s über-fraternal food-loving culture without the lines and gout thanks to this year’s Feast Fab Collabs, a mash-up of the city’s top food artisans available (while supplies last!) at your local New Seasons Market. Major bonus: a portion of sales from these creative treats goes to two of our favorite charities, Partners for Hunger-Free Oregon and Urban Gleaners. That said, some pairings are better than others. We’ve ranked them for your convenience.

First: Joshua McFadden x Olympia Provisions Sausage

No shocker here. A pairing between veg king Joshua McFadden (Ava Gene’s, Six Seasons cookbook) and OP’s Elias Cairo, a man who could stuff a perfect sausage in his sleep, turned out a hell of a one-off. This snappy, garlicky sausage is flecked with spicy chile flakes, fennel, and kale, and oozes sharp provolone with every bite. Think of it as an Italian kasekrainer with a Northwest sensibility. $8.99 for a three pack, available Sept 3.

Second: Maya Lovelace x Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches

A mixed bag here. While we anxiously await Lovelace’s long-delayed Yonder restaurant in a fried chicken-deprived stupor, we’ll have to make do with her Sweet Molasses Ice Cream Sandwich. Damn are those molasses cookies good. They’ve got spicy gingerbread depth, with a chewy, underbaked texture that’s perfect for an ice cream sandwich. The apple butter filling is good on its own but gets overpowered by the molasses. Their second food baby, the Southern Strawberry, misses the mark, with a cold, sorta dry cornmeal cookie wrapped around double-stuffed buttermilk strawberry ice cream that lacks the namesake fruit’s signature tang. Stick with the molasses cookies! $2.99 each.

Third: Feast Mode 10 Barrel Brewing Lager

This is a totally inoffensive light-bodied lager with a hint of malt and a slightly sweet, clean finish. Brewed by 10 Barrel savant Whitney Burnside, this is a beer that won’t compete with anything else. In that sense, it’s perfect for Feast. As a chuggable lager, however, it’s a tad anemic, sitting firmly alongside that old standard, Hamm’s. $7.99 for a four pack.

Hungry for more? You can still find tickets to select events at feastportland.com

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