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Where to Eat This Week: Feb 19–26

Blue-collar sandwiches at the Baker’s Mark and breakfast burritos at Santo Domingo are your must-eats for the week.

By Eat Beat Team February 19, 2019

Potato hash at Proud Mary

Image: Karen Brooks

Fork into potato hash at Proud Mary

NE Alberta’s temple to Australian-style coffee service reimagines hash as a giant crisp-topped block of shredded potato with a perfect poached egg and a heap of dressed kale on top. What pulls it all together? A pool of rich, creamy, peppery bagna cauda sauce that slowly soaks its way into the hash through delicious, garlicky osmosis.

Munch on granola at Bella’s Italian Market

It’s easy to get distracted by the baked goods here: the cannoli, sfogliatelle, and ciambella all demand your immediate attention. But if you’re looking for an everyday breakfast that’ll free you from your granola rut, Bella’s bowl is just the ticket. Baker/owner Michelle Vernier roasts her savory, beautifully clumped oats to the edge of darkness, giving it that magic toasty note. It’s adorned with fluffy, airy yogurt and warm, sweet roasted pear compote.

Tuck into the Godfather Sandwich at the Baker’s Mark

When the lines at SE Division's Pine State outpost are simply too long, head around the corner to the Baker’s Mark, a still relatively off-the-radar, two-year-old blue-collar sandwich operation with a small but steady following. The bread’s the thing here—golden, individually-sized rolls, freshly baked several times daily with a bubbly-crisp crust and good chew. Of the 15 unintimidating deli sandwiches (the weirdness level maxes out at “Beet Tuna Salad”), the Godfather is the one to order. The stack of perfect proportions includes thin-cut salami, mortadella, capicola, ham, prosciutto and the “the works”—an unmistakably Italian-American slurry of spicy, salty, pickled things.

Inhale Santo Domingo Taqueria’s machaca breakfast burrito

Many Cully-area neighbors call ahead and pick up this breakfast standby on their way to work: a compact tortilla tube of soft, super-peppery shredded beef, fall-apart potatoes, eggs, and oozy rivers of cheese with pico de gallo. Amp it up with briny green, red, or eye-squintingly hot house habanero salsa and get chompin’. It’s McDonald’s McMuffin-level addictive.

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