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What Would You Do for a Gluten-Free Plant-Based Choco Taco?

They might not be served out a truck next to Rocket Pops and Drumsticks, but just about everyone in town is riffing on the 1984 classic.

By Matthew Trueherz July 29, 2022

Kate's plant-based, gluten-free Choco Taco.

If you’re jamming Beyonce’s new Renaissance and lusting after a Choco Taco, well, that’s exactly what your favorite gluten-free plant-based ice cream shop Kate’s is doing. Tomorrow, Saturday July 30, Kate’s will be selling a limited edition (50 only) cheffed-up Klondike-inspired Choco Tacos for brunch stragglers wandering North Mississippi. Noon is when the gates open, and we suspect they’ll be gone faster than you can say plant-based Choco Taco. 

If you are already fluent in the latest Beyonce, we’re assuming you’re tapped in enough to have seen the craze surrounding the freezer aisle casualty. Food and Wine posits that it’s a Taco Bell-inspired marketing ploy, akin to the resurrected Mexican pizza. Bon Appétit discussed the Twitter-hatched plans of a Reddit co-founder and baby Schwarzenegger to buy the discontinued ice cream truck staple. And the rest of the country is kicking themselves for not buying them when they had the chance, or just making their own.  

Turns out, it’s not the most complex confection. Portlanders can’t seem to shape their ice cream cones into tacos, dip them in chocolate and crust them in peanuts fast enough. The Oregonian reports that Milwuakie’s Holler Treats has plans to bring back a version they once served at the Woodlark Hotel’s bar Abigail Hall. Salt and Straw was quick to the jump, announcing plans to resurrect their version from the now-closed Wiz Bang Bar. But they’re holding off until the fall, planning to serve up a frozen addition to national taco day (October 4). Ruby Jewel weighed in with a tribute Instagram post, and the comments section advocating for a version is promising. 

If you want to make your own, Claire Saffitz showed about 5 million people how to do it on Youtube a few years back. (Think that link’s getting some extra love this week?) It’s all got us thinking about the way nostalgia intersects with food memories. If you, like us, were one of the millions tuning into Saffitz’s Bon Appétit Youtube show Gourmet Makes deep in lockdown, you might have caught on to the phenomenon that sometimes a memory is better recreated than directly revisited. We’d never suggest Choco Tacos aren’t as delicious as your 8-year-old self remembers them being, but, perhaps Kate’s version, or Holler’s, or in a few months, Salt and Straw’s can bring you back to the cul de sac you grew up in. We just hope they get the crinkly foil packaging right.   

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