Cool Off with These Icy Treats Now

Some of Portland’s best ice creams and frozen pops are hiding in chocolate shops, pizza parlors & pop-ups. Here are some to seek out.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton Published in the Summer 2021 issue of Portland Monthly

From top to bottom: a strawberry-chocolate-vanilla paleta and a dragonfruit paleta from Ome Calli; Tres Hombres and blueberry lemonade paletas from Ice Queen; raspberry cheesecake and jackfruit-coconut bars from Kulfi PDX.

Image: Michael Novak

Kick off summer with these locally made ice pops.

Ome Calli

Hard to choose among this shop’s wide range of paletas, but you can’t miss with the tri-flavored strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate pop. Vibrantly colored dragonfruit is surprisingly pear-like in flavor. Also look for malty zapote negro and refreshing chile cucumber. @omecallifrozentreats, 12795 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton

Ice Queen

This Chicana/Native-owned vegan Popsicle shop freezes up creative flavors, tangy blueberry lemonade to Tres Hombres, a layering of strawberry, mango, and lime. Show up early for limited-edition flavors like Tickle My Pickle and Sticky Fingers, complete with a vegan cinnamon roll frozen inside. @icequeenpdx, 1223 SE Stark St

Kulfi Creamery 

Sink your teeth into the indulgent ricotta raspberry cheesecake bar, with its graham cracker crumbles and bright, tangy fruit, or the tropical vegan jackfruit-coconut pop. @kulfipdx, various pop-up spots; 1477 NE Alberta St storefront coming soon


Top row, from left to right: blood orange creamsicle from Ripe Cooperative; chocolate sorbet from Maurice; buckwheat honey toffee from Lovely's Fifty Fifty. Remaining scoops from top to bottom: marionberry cobbler from Kate's Ice Cream; guava ice cream from Ome Calli; malted vanilla from Gracie's Apizza; Circus Friends from Cloud City; cacao fruit sorbet from Cloudforest. 

Image: Michael Novak

These are some of our favorite scoops of ice cream and sorbet in the city right now.

Ripe Cooperative

At Naomi Pomeroy’s new market, find seasonal flavors to go, like this vibrant blood orange sorbet mixed with Madagascar vanilla ice cream for a sophisticated Creamsicle (minus the stick). @ripecooperative, 5425 NE 30th Ave


Sorbet by the pint, singing with Felchlin Swiss chocolate, satisfies a chocolate urge but is light enough for summer (and leaves enough room for the restaurant’s baked goods, too). @mauricepdx, 921 SW Oak St

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

Proving once again that ice cream and pizza make an unbeatable combo, the buckwheat honey toffee is one of our favorite pints, combining crunchy hazelnuts with toasty buckwheat. @sarahminnick_, 4039 N Mississippi Ave

Kate’s Ice Cream

This marionberry cobbler ice cream tastes like pie à la mode, but (like everything at Kate’s) without the dairy and gluten. The secret: house-made marionberry jam, walnut-oat streusel, and a coconut-vanilla base. @katesicecream, 2636 NE Sandy Blvd

Ome Calli

Cheery pink guava ice cream is a creamy, beachy mindscape. Pair it with spicy-salty chamoy sorbet or tangy soursop.

Gracie’s Apizza

Don’t skip dessert at this pizzeria, where Craig Melillo makes pints of outstanding, velvety-textured, gelato-like malted vanilla, a menu mainstay. The brown sugar coffee, one of many rotating flavors, is also a home run. @graciesapizza, 8737 N Lombard St

Cloud City Ice Cream

Why choose between cookies and ice cream? Circus Friends swirls frosted, sprinkled old-school Mother’s Circus Animal cookies into a sweet cream base. Other finds: mascarpone marionberry crisp and sea salt cookie dough. @cloudcityicecream, 4525 SE Woodstock Blvd


You know chocolate, but do you know cacao? Chocolate mastermind Sebastian Cisneros crafts this creamy-feeling sorbet with cacao fruit—white, tangy, and tropical, reminiscent of coconut and jackfruit—and flecks of Ecuadoran vanilla. Watch for Chocolate Sheep ice cream, made from a base of cow’s milk and sheep cheese. @cloudforest, 727 SE Morrison St

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