Where to Find Dungeness Crab, Oregon’s Seasonal Treat

Whether in a composed dish, cooked and cleaned, or live, here’s where to get your hands on some crustaceans.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton

Fresh Dungeness crab has arrived, just in time for the holidays.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Dungeness crab season! Seriously, I look forward to it all year. Christmas is just one day, but peak Dungeness crab season is a gift that lasts through April, and while most things this year just haven’t been going the way we hoped, Dungeness crab season actually kicked off on time in 2021 for the first time in several years. Here’s where to get your hands on some crab, whether you’d like to leave the picking and prepping to the chefs in a composed dish like crab toast or crab eggs Benedict, want to take home a whole cooked crab, want to do the dirty (yet very rewarding) work of killing and cleaning a live crab yourself, or, for the truly adventurous, want to venture out to catch your own. 

Composed Dishes


5200 NE Sacramento St

This Hollywood district seafood spot is serving Dungeness crab bisque garnished with chive creme fraiche, plus its signature cioppino featuring Dungeness crab alongside mussels, calamari, mussels, clams, local fish, and wild shrimp.

Cafe Rowan

4437 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd

This Creston-Kenilworth brunch spot is serving a beautifully plated Dungeness crab eggs Benedict with purple daikon and white truffle hollandaise on toasted brioche.


2039 SE Clinton St

One of the signature dishes at this Life Aquatic-inspired SE Clinton seafood-centric restaurant: Dungeness crab toast, served on focaccia with Calabrian chile, hollandaise, fennel pollen, and pea tendrils. 

Jake’s Famous Crawfish

401 SW 12th Ave

It’s not just about mudbugs at this old-school downtown seafood spot open since 1892—there are also tons of ways to enjoy Dungeness here, whether in crab and artichoke dip, in a crab cocktail, in crab Louie, or in salmon stuffed with crab, blue cheese, and bay shrimp.


200 SW Market St
Though it’s not on the menu this week, I enjoyed the Dungeness crab nigiri at Murata a few weeks ago, piled high with sweet, succulent crab meat (seriously, at least a leg’s worth) atop lightly seasoned rice and a nori wrapper. Murata regularly updates its specials online, so keep an eye out. 

Salty’s on the Columbia

3839 NE Marine Dr

Enjoy Dungeness crab legs by the pound, or as part of a massive seafood tower combining Dungeness with prawns, lox, oysters, raspberry mignonette, cream cheese, grilled bread, and pickled onion—all while taking in riverside views.

Southpark Seafood

901 SW Salmon St

This downtown spot offers tons of ways to enjoy Dungeness crab: in a roll with lobster aioli (sign me up), as part of a seafood feast with oysters, shrimp, and salmon poke, by the whole crab, or on top of a Caesar salad. 

Cooked & Cleaned Crab To Go

Flying Fish

3004 E Burnside St

The sustainability-minded Burnside hybrid market-restaurant is selling cooked and cleaned whole crab in its market area.

Pacific Fish & Oyster

3380 SE Powell Blvd

This old-school shop, open since 1955, offers Dungeness crab whole as well as just the legs or the meat, if you prefer. The whole crab is a pretty good deal right now—$9.99 a pound at the time of writing.

Portland Fish Market

4404 SE Woodstock Blvd

If you find yourself in Woodstock, this is the ideal place to grab a whole cooked Dungeness crab, though it's a bit more expensive right now at $14.99 a pound.


Multiple locations

Grab pre-cooked Dungeness crab, crab meat, or shelled crab legs here along with all your other groceries—though it's currently a bit on the pricy side with whole crabs at $14.99 a pound.

Live Crab

ABC Seafood Company

6509 SE Powell Blvd

Among plenty of other live seafood delights, you’ll find tanks filled with giant, wriggly Dungeness crab during the peak season. At the time of writing, live crab is a great deal at $7.99 a pound.

OM Seafood Company

3514 SE 76th Ave

There’s plenty of Oregon Dungeness crab—also competitively priced at $7.99 a pound—at this shop, open since 1991. Ask the staff to hold up different crabs until you find one you like, and while you’re there, pick up the basics to accompany your crab, like fresh lemon and parsley. 

DIY Crab

Netarts Bay Garden RV Resort & Marina

2260 Bilyeu Avenue, Tillamook

This friendly little marina along one of the most beautiful and tucked-away stretches of the Northern Oregon Coast will rent you a boat with an outboard motor and a baited crab trap for three hours for $130 so you can putt around the sweeping, lovely Netarts Bay and try your luck. They'll even cook up your catch for you, for just $10/dozen.  

Kelly's Brighton Marina

29200-US Highway 101, Rockaway Beach

In summertime, the patio at Kelly's is the place to see and be seen—there's always a fire in the fire pit, a line for cornhole, and tons of fresh seafood to buy or catch. Winter is quieter, but true crabbers know that the catch is best when it's frigid out. Two hours in a boat with a baited ring will run you $120; helpful staff will be happy to give you a lesson to ensure you come back to shore with your limit. 

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