15 Ways to Pamper Yourself From Head to Toe

From salt-cave massages and yoga to champagne and chocolate pedicures, we've got plenty of ways for you to melt away winter stress.

By Eden Dawn, Allison Jones, and Kelly Clarke December 1, 2014 Published in the December 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

Indulge in Full-Body Spa Experiences

1. The New After-Glow Facial at Löyly 
The Finnish do it right: first, an hour in the Scandinavian-inspired sauna and steam room to open those pores; next, a deeply satisfying massage. Only then are you deemed ready for Löyly’s 45-minute purifying facial, which deploys an herb dubbed “lady’s mantle” to banish dull skin from your visage. $139

2. Halotherapy Salt Caves at Zama 
From ancient Egyptians to modern-day Europeans, many cultures have used humble salt to fight bacteria and bodily inflammation. Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa’s dimly lit chambers are both paneled in rosy-hued Himalayan salt bricks and filled with vaporized salt air, all the better to help you suck the mineral deep into your lungs to, in theory, supercharge your respiratory and immune systems. Add a massage for maximum stress-fighting power. $39–123

3. Blooming Moon Spa Deluxe Spa Manicure 
Eco-friendly indulgences abound at this quaint NoPo house turned spa at the corner of chic and woo-woo. With exclusively nontoxic and organic lines, owner Ginny Tousignant ensures that your pampering and polish time (complete with a warm neck pack, an antioxidant-rich hand mask, and a spot massage) is good for you in all ways. $30

4. Champagne & Chocolate Pedicure at Portland Spa  Sit upon your throne sipping Champagne, nibbling bonbons, and watching boats sail along the Willamette River at this luxe waterfront spa. Meanwhile, your royal stems get the queenly treatment they deserve: an aromatic foot soak, a calf rubdown, and a decadent shea-butter foot mask—all before thine toes are crowned with pretty polish. $75

5. Moroccan Oil Body Ritual at the Allison Inn & Spa 
A leisurely drive through the Willamette Valley’s vineyards puts you in the magical hands of the Allison’s relaxation masters. An intense combo of whole-body dry brushing, vitamin E, and fragrant argan oil treatment leads to a hot stone massage aimed at your neck and shoulders followed by a warm scalp treatment and a hydrating hair mask. $160

Treat Yourself to a Full-Day PDX Wellness Retreat

8 a.m. Fuel up with Harlow’s Pride of Portland combo—a green smoothie served with a bowl of brown rice and creamy avocado.  

9 a.m. Ease into the day with a 90-minute meditation sesh in one of Float On’s relaxing, light-tight, sensory-deprivation water tanks. 

11 a.m. Head downtown for a post-float cup of oolong and a mooncake at Lan Su Garden’s Tower of Cosmic Reflections teahouse

Noon Flow into a few backbends and warrior poses at The Yoga Space Northwest, housed in a historic chapel complete with stained-glass windows. 

1:30 p.m. Dive into a spa-food feast at Kiva Café, where a warming bowl of tikka masala and a maca almond energy smoothie restore your prana on a sweet note. 

3 p.m. Check in to the cedar sauna and hot saltwater soaking pools at Common Ground Wellness Center, where $20 gets you 90 minutes of soothing quiet time.

5 p.m. Get coached in the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda with a one-on-one mind and body health consultation encompassing everything from diet to yoga recommendations at Ahara Rasa

7 p.m. Drift to Ava Gene’s and order every veggie dish in the Giardini section—Portland’s healthiest tasting menu. 

9 p.m. Toast your health with a cucumber-infused Show Pony cocktail—a rum concoction bright with maraschino liqueur and pineapple and grapefruit juices—at vegan hideaway Sweet Hereafter.

Give Your Feet the Warm Fuzzies

The Oui Presse Bunny Slippers are too good for you. The hand-knit Peruvian Highland wool and mohair foot warmers are toasty, nubby masterpieces of high comfort, the kind of thing Beyoncé or Norse gods would don on Lazy Sundays. Thankfully, Oui’s Shawna McKeown sells the $96 pied au splurges to mere mortals. The Hawthorne café owner started knitting the chic slippers as gifts for friends and family years ago, but these days—while she’s busy crafting the city’s best PB&J sandwiches—she outsources the work to a women-run company outside of Lima, Peru, whose workers hand-knit each and every pair. Go on, your feet have been really good this year.

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