New Craigslist-Style Marketplace For Your Home Garden

Portland-based website JustFreshy gives local growers and makers space to buy, trade, and sell what's in season.

By Tuck Woodstock May 5, 2015

If pioneers had invented Craiglist, it’d probably look a lot like JustFreshy.

The brainchild of Portlander Chris Holland, JustFreshy is one part farmers market, one part online message board. Gardeners, crafters, farmers, and artisan vendors list their homemade goods—only locally grown or handcrafted items are allowed—along with photos, prices, and pick-up locations. Potential buyers use the site to message sellers and arrange a purchase. All meet-ups and payments are processed offline; JustFreshy merely acts as an unpaid middleman, similar to Craigslist. 

“We love Craigslist, but it's very crowded and not very cozy,” says Holland. “We are focused only on items that would be found at a typical farmers market or craft fair.” 

A month after the site’s launch, listings include everything from CSA shares to hand-forged garden trowels. Local vendors Café de Crepe and Urban Oreganics sell hazelnut butters and beet-tinted lip balm alongside homespun fare—think gluten-free bread, barbecue sauce, and IPAs, but also soaps, purses, and even patio furniture. For only a few dollars each, gardeners can grab starter plants and grow their own raspberries, rosemary, peanuts, zucchini, and much more. So far, the most popular item to sell appears to be free-range eggs—the site already houses eight listings, plus one for quail eggs.

Ready to get started? Head to, where users can set up a free wish list, and receive text or email notifications when items of interested are added nearby. The site also hosts a community chat forum; popular topics thus far include the sharing economy, eco-friendly cooking, and Michael Pollan. We half expect to see a dirty-fingernail missed connections service pop up for some good-old-fashioned homesteader romance.

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