After a couple of false starts in Southeast Portland, Green Zebra Grocery is finally ready to debut its second mini-grocery store. Tucked into the ground floor of Lloyd District luxury apartments Hassalo on Eighth, the new location boasts a crowler station (that’s a growler in a can!), a bar that pours exclusively Oregon beer, an expanded grab-and-go menu, and, of course, a slew of fabulous local products. 

The market officially opens April 21 at 7 a.m. When you swing by this weekend to check out the new space, don’t miss these tasty and healthy snacks making their Green Zebra debut:

Apples to Applesauce Granola
Combat child hunger, reduce food waste, and munch on organic granola … all in one easy step! Apples to Applesauce gleans fruit and nuts from farms and backyards around Portland for use in their small-batch granola, available in flavors like ginger-cranberry-apple and carob-almond-agave. And in case you needed extra incentive to try every variety, consider this: for every bag sold, Apples to Applesauce donates a bag to a local child in need. Win-win!

Jaivika Naturals
Clackamas-based Jaivika Naturals prides itself on distributing top-quality nuts, seeds, and gluten-free grains straight from sustainable growers to restaurants, bakeries, and, soon, Green Zebra Grocery shoppers. Nibble on roasted pistachios and raw hazelnuts, cook up a cup of organic wild rice, or mix chia seeds into a nutrient-packed pudding. 

Jorinji Miso
Think you know miso? Think again. Portland native Earnest Migaki of Soy Beam Jozo uses traditional Japanese techniques passed down for more than 1,300 years to create a wide variety of richly flavored, preservative-free misos. Try creamy white miso or rare soy-free chickpea miso—and check back in a few years for the umami-rich dark red miso, which ferments for three years before hitting the shelves.

You’ve probably seen these fermentation wizards around town before—maybe you’ve even sampled their stuff at the Portland Farmers Market—but OlyKraut deserves another shout-out for their probiotic-rich sauerkraut, made with organic regional produce and Jacobsen sea salt. If you’re tired of the same ol’ cabbage, branch out with flavors like sea greens, spring nettle, or smoke and kale.

Pozole to the People
Chris Bailey grew up slurping traditional pork pozole at family suppers, topping off his bowls of soup with fresh cilantro, radish, and scallion from the garden. Today, Bailey’s Pozole to the People soup starter offers all the bold, hearty flavor of classic pozole, while also being shelf-stable and vegan-friendly. We recommend adding seitan and chunks of avocado for a filling, nutritious, and absurdly easy lunch. 

Tru Flavors Grab & Go Hummus
Hummus is delicious and nutritious—but not always easily portable. Luckily, Truitt Family Foods has you covered with their neatly packaged hummus snack packs, perfectly portioned and paired with olive and sea salt crackers. Keep an eye out for future flavors like black bean with roasted poblano and cheddar, as well as caramel apple and chocolate sunbutter “dippers.”

And more…
Look, we’re a health blog, and we’re not sure how to construe products like cheese-based sausage, peanut butter puffs, or s’mores marshmallow fluff as abundantly healthful. But we’re about balance, after all—so if you’re hyped to try something new and locally made, Cheesorizo, Puffworks, and Kerfluffle are all making their debut, as well. Dig in, and don't forget to check out our slideshow of the Green Zebra location at the top of the page! 

Green Zebra Grocery
808 NE Multnomah
(971) 256-3330
Open 7 a.m.– 10 p.m. daily

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