New Year, New You

Portland Wellness Pros Share Resolution Inspiration

Take a peek at these New Year's pledges before setting your own 2017 goals.

By Tuck Woodstock December 27, 2016

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“More self love of all kinds. When I am kind and loving to myself, I am kinder and more loving to all who cross my path.” – Willow O’Brien of Pixie Retreat RAW’r 

When people ask me how I’m doing, stop using any response that contains the word 'busy.' We’re all busy, and I want to stop identifying with that, and AS that." – Rachel Gilman of Vitalize Acupuncture 

I’d like to finally make time to volunteer more and get involved in the local community, especially in the areas of addressing affordable housing, mental illness and homelessness in the city of Portland. It will probably do more for me than trying to figure out where my abs have gone over the last few years, or trying to learn how to quiet my mind for the 100th time. I’ve accepted my rowdy mind and abs that may not resurrect this year, now I want to make time for something that I know makes me happy.” – Katie Yellig of Broth Bar

I've been a healthy eater and avid exerciser for years, but now it's time to tap into other aspects of health. 2017 will be the year of extra healthy stuff: therapy, chiropractic work, acupuncture, dental work and massage.”Lacy Davis of Liberation Barbell 


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"Each year I do an exercise with my family: We write things we want to let go of in 2017 on one sheet of paper and then we burn it in a fire. On another sheet of paper, we write what we want to cultivate in 2017. Number one is spending time each day focusing on what I am grateful for.” – Sadie Lincoln of Barre3

“Learn to take stuff off my plate. As any business owner will tell you, you are always working, and the more you grow, the busier you get. As Steven Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People points out, organizing your life events into four categories—urgent and important, urgent and unimportant, non-urgent and important, and non-urgent and unimportant—can really help organize and prioritize your life.”  – Jen Davis of Oregon Running Clinic

“My resolution is to write down what I am thankful for each morning, accompanied by a cup of tea. No matter how challenging life is at that moment, take time to remember everything that you DO have. Make time in your schedule to meditate and focus on yourself. Make plans to cook a healthful meal with a friend, instead of meeting them out at a bar. Stay focused, but leave room for possibility and opportunity.” – Margaux Muller of Margalaxy and Best Friend

I create daily practices; I call them 'life works best when…' For example, 'life works best when I do my daily mobility circuits,' or 'life works best when I run with friends once per week.' A lot of my personal goals are about making time for fun and travel, relaxation and new adventures. I think A LOT about creating my life…. not letting life control me.” – Paisley Meekin of Honest Training 

“In no particular order: Stop overthinking everything to death. Focus on my health and getting better and stronger. Worry less… I’m a bit of an anxiety monster. Eliminate the negative and only surround myself with positive, happy, focused and driven people.”Lainey Morse of Goat Yoga


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My personal goal is eating healthier with what I call the Three S’s: salads, soups, smoothies.  If I eat all three of those in a day, I will know without a doubt, I’m eating well!” – Joe Miller of New Foods Market 

To finish 2017 a stronger person than when it started. Focus on progress, not perfection.” – Nate Higgins of Kure

I've got two New Year's Resolutions—meditating every day, and quitting added sugar of any kind. I actually began both of these resolutions on my birthday in early December, mostly so I can have an epic dessert for my birthday next year, but also so both commitments will have time to become habits before January 1 rolls around.” – Allison Jones of Wildwood Coaching

My goal for 2017 is to write my second cookbook and finish it by years end. It will require many early mornings as I like to get in a couple hours of work before my two-year-old wakes up!" – Elyse Kopecky of Run Fast Eat Slow

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