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Kenya Cookstoves Kickstart in Portland

ADX's summer camp helped Kickstart funding for inexpensive, clean-burning wood stoves that typical Kenyans will be able to afford.

By Kristin Belz September 2, 2012


September is here, summer is waning, and school is starting. Holidays, lazy days and summer camp are merely memories. But that means it’s also time for show-and-tell about what we did over the summer. In the case of ADX, the Central Eastside community studio/making place, show and tell might include something about the series of “summer camp” events they sponsored. Participants earned “merit badges” in such practical subjects as cooking, fishing, and making important items like backpacks, a compass, a radio, and moonshine. 

One of the happy campers was Payan ole-MoiYoi. For him, summer memories are morphing into a project that will take him to Kenya to continue developing a new, inexpensive, clean-burning cookstove for the typical Kenyan user.

Payan and his partner Erin Engleson are scientist/entrepreneurs who have begun the Kenya Stove project and are trying to fund its next steps via Kickstarter. Their deadline for the Kickstarter fund drive is September 26, 2012.

We'll have an interview with Payan coming soon, and learn more about what makes his and Erin's stove innovative; watch this space. Until then, check out the Kenya Stove blog site.

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