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By Kasey Cordell May 19, 2009 Published in the November 2007 issue of Portland Monthly

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MORE THAN 1 million visitors will touch down at PDX this month, to say nothing of those arriving by train and car, making November one of the city’s busiest in terms of travel. Undoubtedly this influx is due to Thanksgiving, which probably means we locals are about to receive a heavy dose of granny, cousin and mother-in-law love. Of course, we don’t all have the space or, frankly, the patience to host out-of-towners in our homes. But where to stash your sister and her three boisterous kids or your hip best friend? These five hotels will accommodate all manner of guests.

WHO Your grandparents, whose last date was to see Katharine Hepburn and Douglas Fairbanks in Morning Glory
WHERE Hotel deLuxe
WHY If the glamourous Hollywood golden-era details—think sweeping staircases, crystal chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling draperies—don’t inspire youthful canoodling (really, we needn’t imagine anything more), then the eight options on the hotel’s pillow menu at least assure Gram and Gramps a good night’s sleep.
DETAILS $149 to $179 per night; 729 SW 15th Ave

WHO Your sister, her husband and their three sugar-fueled kids
WHERE [email protected] Station
WHY Sure, there’s the great location, within walking distance from a toy shop, three parks and scores of restaurants, and the rooftop deck makes trolleyspotting fun. But the real reason your family will love these suites? When the kids color on the multihued, Day-Glo bedspread, no one will ever know.
DETAILS $114 to $164 per night; 2025 NW Northrup

WHO Your too-cool friends, who sport skinny jeans, funky glasses and extreme comb-overs
WHERE Ace Hotel
WHY If this newly opened hotel’s avant-garde art—like the giant, wide-eyed kitty painted on the wall of Room 415—keeps your friends from sleeping, they’ll find fresh-brewed Stumptown coffee just next door to help prop open their heavy lids.
DETAILS $95 to $250 per night; 1022 SW Stark

WHO Your wine-tasting parents, who have become bona fide connoisseurs since your flight from the nest
WHERE Hotel Vintage Plaza
WHY With its luxurious rooms named after local vineyards such as Eola and Willamette Valley, its nightly wine receptions and its Wednesday night tasting classes, the Hotel Vintage Plaza provides the perfect way to make amends for driving your parents to drink in the first place.
DETAILS $169 to $329 per night; 422 SW Broadway

WHO Your former college friends, who still party like it’s 1999 long after you’ve gone to bed
WHERE White Eagle
WHY The beds in this 102-year-old building’s 11 rooms are perfectly comfortable, but the live rock shows and the 10 tempting handcrafted beers in the bar downstairs might keep your pals out of them until 3 a.m. Just the way they like it.
DETAILS $40 to $60 per night; 836 N Russell

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