Power Breakfast

Portland movers' morning meals

March 16, 2012 Published in the January 2012 issue of Portland Monthly


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This demure downtown café has been the place to talk development and political strategy since it first served (pre-buzzword) local and organic chow three decades ago.

Who's Eating

The 7 a.m. opening means even the deadline-driven pollsters from go-to firm Davis, Hibbits and Midghall (headquartered next door) can squeeze in a morning meet-and-eat. “I do power meetings there because one of my mentors did power breakfasts there,” says environmental and progressive advocate Gerik Kransky. “I thought, well, this must be the place to see and be seen.”

What They're Eating

Kransky swears by the oyster hash.


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For the last 26 years, 1,000 or more people—certified power brokers and plain-old civilians—have filled an Oregon Convention Center hall on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, at the invite of venerable African American newspaper the Skanner.

Who's Eating

“It attracts a who’s-who of Portland,” says City Commissioner Nick Fish. “Typically, the governor, one or two senators, one or two members of Congress….” Amid this excellent networking opportunity, Skanner publisher Bernie Foster hands out up to $40,000 in social justice scholarships.

What They're Eating

Industrial bacon and eggs


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Of course Portland has a regular klatch of cycling-oriented power women. Once a month, the Portland Society—a two-year-old alliance of ladies in the bike business—draws between 15 and 40 to Northwest’s Corsa Café (located inside a bike shop!). They listen to talks from invited experts on topics like negotiation and social media.

Who's Eating

Cycle-powered entrepreneurs with a deal-making sensibility. “I’ve seen houses bought and sold, jobs sought and found, and new businesses launched,” says cofounder Elly Blue.

What They're Eating

Gluten-free coffee cake 


Heathman ouefs o3ubah

In Portland, you can get a sit-down with just about anyone. The downside: they often want to sit down at dawn. Quoth one relative newcomer to the city’s inner circles: “People are always saying, ‘Sure, let’s talk! Can you meet me at the Heathman at 7:30?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding?’”

Who's Eating

Set your alarm, and you could be sandwiched between a wired political consultant and a dowager heiress.

What They're Eating

Surely the “Lakeshore French Press” coffee comes in handy.

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