What’s the Deal With Tina Kotek?

Oregon’s Speaker of the House begins a new session February 1. But first, we size her up.

By Marty Patail January 25, 2016 Published in the February 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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The only “Speaker of the House” anyone can name who is not Paul Ryan

Interests outside politics include getting a good night’s sleep, resting up, and tucking in early

Pushing for higher minimum wage, but not because she makes $23,000 a year

“Kotek” comes from Slavic nickname for “kitten,” so there’s that

Got tough on metal thieves who strip cars and steal wires, preserving valuable scrap for the post–Big One hellscape

One UO grad who will never, ever talk about football

The North Portland lesbian Democratic power broker the Prophecy foretold

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0216 tina kotek qwgit9


Refused to weigh in on Drake/Meek Mill beef

Votes with Democratic Party only 98.9 percent of time

Has never turned directly to camera to deliver an evil monologue

Declined to be fast-tracked to governor’s office, a.k.a. running for Oregon Secretary of State

Made it easier for police to shut down “problem bars” and yet we still have a Buffalo Wild Wings

Still follows Kitzhaber on Twitter

In the pocket of Big Pantsuit

Possible Hannah Montana situation with Rachel Maddow

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