The Oregonian Is Having a Bit of a Senior Moment

We size up the 166-year-old newspaper.

By Marty Patail April 22, 2016 Published in the May 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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Technically still the illustrious newspaper founded by Thomas Dryer in 1850

Getting papers every day was pretty exhausting, we guess

Maintains efficiency by having all reporters prepack personal effects in a box 

OregonLive home page provides useful 24-hour reminder that life is suffering

Staff precogs identify the next Restaurant of the Year before it opens

Online comments section fulfills Godwin’s Law at record-breaking speeds

Rapidly changing, growing metropolis doesn’t really need a paper of record, anyway

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Editorial page still fine-tuning that perfect right-wing voice Portland will respond to

“Content curators sometimes fall into archaic habits of  “editors” of yore

Hasn’t yet figured out how to measure clicks on print edition 

Encourages employees to express themselves by weeping openly at their desks

Biting social critiques now left up to The Family Circus 

Staffers now yell “Stop the presses!” only for budgetary reasons

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Image: Michael Novak

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