Best of the City 2016: Readers' Poll Results

We asked. You voted. Find out which song best defines Portland, which piece of public arts reigns supreme, and which restaurants should be chucked off a cliff.

By Portland Monthly Staff June 13, 2016

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Lots of you would like to marry Broder (see question No. 7).

Image: Kelly Clarke

Prepare yourself: our Best of the City issue hits newsstands next week. As you await word on our favorite people, places, and things, here's how you weighed in on 10 crucial questions.

(And please: forgive the janky appearance. Mistakes... well, mistakes were made.)

1. An overwhelming majority of you think Mt Tabor is Portland's defining peak (Hood aside, of course).

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.25.27 qdudxu

2. By a smidge, BurnCycle beats out Barre3 as your favorite homegrown boutique fitness class.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.25.40 wh4zgu

3. Jack White and Loretta Lynn might not live here, but their track "Portland, Oregon"—about getting drunk off sloe gin fizz (by the pitcher, no less)—screams Portland for 39 percent of you. 

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.25.48 cibfxp

4. Much love for Broadway Books.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.25.57 hcimzm

5. Most shaggable? Salt & Straw. Best marriage material? Ringside. And sorry, Voodoo: you're getting tossed over the edge.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.04 nh5d2m
Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.10 tf6z3o
Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.15 vridux

8. NW 23rd remains Trendy-Third for 43 percent of you.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.22 wfdi18

9. By three votes, Darlington Nagbe edges out Diego Valeri as the most tempting Timber.

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.29 ihobah

10. Le duh. Have you seen Portlandia's biceps?

Screenshot 2016 06 09 16.26.37 upyfkn 
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