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Portland Monthly's Top Longreads of 2018

Tonya Harding. Wolves vs. dogs. Zombie-filled video games. Greg Walden. Quaker sex cults. Here are 12 of our best in-depth stories from the past year.

By Portland Monthly Staff December 13, 2018

What's the difference between wolves and dogs? According to an Oregon researcher, it basically boils down to this: domesticated dogs are wolves ... with a developmental disorder.

Wolf. Dog. What’s the Difference? A pair of scientists chase canine evolution deep into DNA.

We Asked 20 Portland Chefs and Foodies: What Tastes Like Home? From hearty Haitian soups to pupusas, here’s what makes these locals feel safe and loved—and where to score these touchstone eats.

Tonya Harding Is Back—on the Ice, and on the Silver Screen: With I, Tonya hitting theaters as an unlikely shot at redemption, we spent a day with the champ. She landed some doubles, talked motherhood, and jump-started a Hyundai.

What Happens When Portland Kids Go Hungry? Oregon ranks 13th in the nation for food insecurity. So who feeds many local children? The schools.

How the Father of Oregon Agriculture Launched a Doomed Quaker Sex Cult: He came west with 700 saplings and founded our state’s mighty fruit industry. But Henderson Luelling—idealist, farmer, visionary, swinger—dreamed of planting stranger seeds.

Will Trump Ransack Oregon’s Public Lands? Southern Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou could be the next national monument on the Administration’s hit list.

Meet Judith Arcana, a Pioneer of ’70s-Era Underground Abortion Work: Before Roe v. Wade, a group called Jane served Chicago women. Arcana, now a writer living in Portland, was part of that clandestine network.

A Portland Journalist’s New Book Ventures into Silicon Valley’s Dark Side: In Live Work Work Work Die, Corey Pein digs up sobering stuff. If you’re connected (and aren’t we all?), be concerned.

The Strange Rise of Greg Walden, Oregon’s Only Republican Congressman: His climb keeps getting weirder and weirder. So what’s the cost?

Portland Soul Singers Ural Thomas and Blossom Get Dressed Up to Get Down: Welcome to Fall Fashion 2018, featuring a musical legend and a rising star.

Will This Zombie Adventure Vault Oregon’s Video Game Industry to the Next Level? Days Gone is a Bend-made game set in the shadow of Mount Bachelor and the Three Sisters.

How Aminé Became Portland Hip-Hop’s Most Elusive Star: But will our city’s scene rise with him? (Editor's Note: Since this story was published in our January 2018 issue, Aminé left Portland for Los Angeles. Surprise, surprise.)

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