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C Is For Coronavirus. And For Coughing.

New data shows coughing, fatigue are common among local COVID-19 cases

By Julia Silverman March 31, 2020

Newly released figures from Multnomah County show the most common symptoms of locally diagnosed COVID-19 cases. 

When Oregon Gov. Kate Brown coughed into her elbow during a press conference the other day, questions started flying: Does the governor have coronavirus?  

For the record, the answer is no—her office says she’s been tested, and diagnosed with a cold. 

But the question was a reasonable one, given that 90 percent of those who have tested positive for coronavirus in Multnomah County report having a cough, according to newly available figures from a regional COVID-19 database, backed by Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Yamhill Counties.

That makes a cough the most common symptom of coronavirus, followed closely by fatigue and low energy. 

Other signs that you may in fact have gotten coronavirus despite your best efforts at social distancing and sheltering in place? 

Chills (reported by 76.6 percent), muscle pain (67.1 percent) and headaches (65.8 percent), according to the county’s data. 

For the data wonks among us who just can’t get enough, there’s lots more local data on the virus available at the new website from the four counties.

(If you really think you have the virus, please call your primary care physician. Tests are still in relatively short supply in Oregon, and data about how many tests have been administered is spotty at best. Primary care physicians can help you figure out your next steps.)

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