LISTEN: What Do Oregon's New COVID Guidelines Mean for Reopening Schools?

Portland Monthly news editor Julia Silverman breaks down what the new "Ready Schools, Safe Learners" guidelines mean for Oregon's school reopening efforts.

By Gabriel Granillo January 22, 2021

In Oregon and across the country, school districts are navigating how to send students back into the classroom safely, and earlier this week, Oregon’s state education agency released an update to its “Ready Schools, Safe Learners” guidance, which outlines health and safety requirements across the state in an effort to gradually bring students from comprehensive distance learning to in-person classes. 

10 months after closing down all of its public schools, and as Oregon continues to battle COVID-19, even seeing some cases of a new variant of the coronavirus, the state’s updated guidance effectively lowers the bar for returning to in-person instruction. Portland Monthly news editor Julia Silverman breaks down what these new guidelines mean for Oregon's school reopening efforts.



  • Julia Silverman


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