LISTEN: Retail and Fashion in a Coronavirus World, with Eden Dawn

Portland Monthly editor-in-chief Marty Patail talks with style editor Eden Dawn about how retail and fashion in Portland are adapting to the coronavirus.

By Gabriel Granillo October 2, 2020

I’ll admit: I’m no economist, but you don’t have to be one to say with at least 95 percent confidence that the coronavirus has led to a disastrous economy. Back in March, more than 3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits as coronavirus-induced layoffs surge around the US. And while big corporations like Walmart and Amazon have seen rising sales and stocks in the last few months since the coronavirus outbreak, small businesses across the country are suffering in an adapt-or-die new world.

Our own big boss editor-in-chief Marty Patail spoke with Portland Monthly style editor Eden Dawn about recent small business news, including an update on Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s eviction moratorium on commercial leases, as well as how retail and fashion in Portland are adapting to the coronavirus.


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