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Kelly Clarke is editor in chief at Portland Monthly, where she manages the magazine’s insatiable Food & Drink section and creates lively cover packages that often double as guilty pleasures, from scouting out the city’s best bars or chronicling how to turn your backyard into a chic, gluttonous party paradise. She also pens stories on everything from mouthy ballerinas and bartenders to artisan junk food taste tests and Portland’s next crop of influential chefs.

In her former life, Kelly was the longtime Arts & Culture Editor at Willamette Week, where she founded the Portland alt-newsweekly’s popular Finder city guide, wrote about PDX’s excellent ethnic markets, chefs fighting over pigs, sex machines, and very expensive dog wheelchairs. Her Portland Monthly story about a wildly talented local chef channeling his hazardously addictive personality into cooking success won the SPJ’s 2013 Northwest Excellence in Journalism Competition for Personalities reporting. She lives, cooks, and eats with her husband and very opinionated daughter in Northeast Portland, where pho shops still outnumber Salt & Straw outposts.


Pearl District Pastry Haven Nuvrei Gets a Tasty Makeover

Salads and sandwiches be gone: a treasure trove of meticulously crafted new pastries and a sleek makeover mark a new era for the Pearl bakery.

05/22/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Local Radio Host and Laughing Planet Team Up to Resurrect Astoria’s Custard King

Road trip alert! KNRK 94.7 morning host Greg Glover to re-open 1950s-era frozen custard and burger stand on Astoria’s main drag this June.

05/12/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Bloodies, Biscuits, and Tiny Horses: PoMo's Country Brunch, Recapped

A sell-out crowd devours Portland's hottest morning dishes and crowns Raven & Rose and Doug Fir the city's Bloody Mary champs at PoMo's annual Brunch party.

05/07/2015 By Kelly Clarke

Rise and Dine

Devouring Portland's Hottest New Brunch Spots

We raise a Bloody Mary and toast the Rose City’s chosen meal.

05/01/2015 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Zach Dundas, Karen Brooks, Allison Jones, Rachel Ritchie, Molly Woodstock, and Ben Tepler

Rise and Dine

Devouring Portland's Hottest Brunch Spots

We raise a Bloody Mary and toast the Rose City’s chosen meal.

05/01/2015 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Karen Brooks, Zach Dundas, Allison Jones, Rachel Ritchie, Ben Tepler, and Molly Woodstock


Kir Jensen's Sugar Cube Bakery Closing May 3

The longtime sugar-pusher says a bittersweet goodbye to her Alberta bakery and hints at a "higher calling" coming soon.

04/28/2015 By Kelly Clarke

Best Brunch 2015

The Classic Portland Brunch Hall of Fame

These six stand-by restaurants may require a wait, but they're truly worth every minute.

04/27/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Is Brunch in Portland Just a High-Calorie Spectator Sport?

Our Senior Editor shares the trials, tribulations, and unexpected bonuses of curating a list of the city's best brunches.

04/27/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Host the Best Brunch Around with a DIY Granola Bar

Start with a perfect homemade base, and the add-in options are endless. Stress-free brunch at home? Done and done.

04/27/2015 By Kelly Clarke


How to Make the Perfect Brunch for a Crowd

Hosting brunch at home? You can prepare every single one of these dishes the night before. We make it easy—like Sunday morning.

04/27/2015 Edited by Benjamin Tepler and Kelly Clarke


The 10 Best New Brunches in Portland

A bumper crop of delicious new brunches takes root in PDX, with global flavors and, just as important, no hours-long wait for tables—plus five more plates we can't resist.

04/27/2015 By Zach Dundas, Rachel Ritchie, Karen Brooks, Benjamin Tepler, and Kelly Clarke


"3 Things I Learned Opening A PDX Doughnut Shop in Japan"

Blue Star's Micah Camden reports from Tokyo on fancy donut mania, getting humbled by Japanese bakers, and why you ought to cover your tattoos before going to the gym.

04/24/2015 By Kelly Clarke


You Can Now Find Portland Soda Works' Fancy Pop Syrups at New Seasons

Local maker Chris Onstad's quest to craft the "Belgian beer of soda pop" lands at local grocery stores.

04/21/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Bring Beer Cocktails Home with an Innovative New Bar Book

Jacob Grier blends brews and booze in Cocktails on Tap

04/01/2015 By Kelly Clarke


The Ultimate Guide to Portland Brunch

Hungry for brunch? We've got the details—from wait times to must-order dishes—for 55 of our favorites.

04/01/2015 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Molly Woodstock


Three Reasons To Try Ya Hala’s New Lebanese Brunch

The Montavilla standby tackles morning meals with spicy-wonderful results.

03/23/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Three Women Transforming Ranching in Eastern Oregon

Cory Carman, Jill McClaran, and Carrie Hermens are on the top of Oregon's meat game.

03/02/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Why Oregon is the Only State that Doesn’t Limit Legal Access to Abortion

No waiting periods, no mandated parental involvement, and no limitations on publicly funded abortions? This is how we got here.

03/02/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Oregon Ballet Theater Dancers Bust 3 Major Dance Myths

Think ballet is boring? Think again. We got the pros to trample some common dance misconceptions.

03/02/2015 By Kelly Clarke


Portland's Most Creative Ice Cream Dreams

Local spots, from restaurants to pop-ups, flaunt fresh churns on ice cream—and yes, fro-yo!

02/11/2015 By Kelly Clarke