Best Brunch 2015

The Classic Portland Brunch Hall of Fame

These six stand-by restaurants may require a wait, but they're truly worth every minute.

By Kelly Clarke April 27, 2015 Published in the May 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

Image: Kenny Louie


2508 SE Clinton St & 2240 N Interstate Ave 

  • We line up for: Regulars sing paeans to this postcard-cute Scandinavian spot’s aebleskivers, Pytt I Panna trout hash, and aquavit Bloodies.
  • Boss Peter Bro orders: “Smørrebrød, open-faced rye bread sandwiches with pickled beets and Danish blue cheese—very, very good.” 


5202 N Albina Ave

  • We line up for: This super-twee bastion of American breakfasts boasts perfect corn cakes and salted honey pie.
  • Chef Eloise Augustyn orders: “The Baker’s Breakfast is my go-to: A soft-boiled egg, Fressen Bakery’s most wonderful vollkornbrot rye bread toast with avocado, and small salad.” 

Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St

  • We line up for: It’s all about the fried chicken and waffle at this Southern house of gluttony, with the Portlandia-worthy line snaking around the block.
  • Boss David Mouton orders: “Our baker, Erin Eberlein-Sage, makes the best biscuits I’ve had in town. They’re really over the top.” 

Tasty N Sons/Tasty N Alder

3808 N Williams Ave  & 580 SW 12th Ave

  • We line up for: International family-style feasts, from Israeli shakshuka to Southern biscuits, are always worth the (hour-plus) wait.
  • Chef John Gorham orders: At Tasty n Sons, it’s “North African sausage and couscous. It’s so light and flavorful. It makes you feel full and healthy.” 

The Country Cat

7937 SE Stark St

  • We line up for: Every day ought to kick off with cinnamon swirl challah French toast and skillet-fried chicken at this Southern house of oink.
  • Bosses Adam & Jackie Sappington order: “The Slow Burn is super satisfying— slow-cooked pork chili and soft, creamy South Carolina grits topped with sunny-side-up eggs.” 
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