3 Perfect Brunch Cocktails for Day-Drinking Bliss

There’s more to brunch boozing than tired mimosas and Bloodies. These discoveries take the hair of the dog to new levels.

By Rachel Ritchie April 27, 2015 Published in the May 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

Good Morning, Booze!

Verde Maria


Related to the Bloody Mary by name only, Chauncey Roach’s excellent forenoon delight (above) balances the bite of tequila and green chile with refreshing hits of celery bitters, lime, and kummel—a Dutch liqueur flavored with caraway, cumin, and fennel. It is strange, it is complex, and it is wonderful. $9

Sloe Gin Fizz

Raven & Rose 

Crowned with a high-rising column of fizz, Dave Shenaut’s chosen cocktail is quintessential morning-after material. Hard-to-find Hayman’s sloe gin—a London dry gin steeped with wild sloe berries for a tart zing—commingles with heavy cream, lemon juice, egg whites, and seltzer for the most refined milkshake in all the land. $9

What She’s Having

Irving Street Kitchen

Still craving the bracing buzz of a mimosa? Opt for ISK’s inspired spin, with nary a drop of OJ in sight. Fresh grapefruit juice fills the citrus slot, with two Italian bitter liqueurs balancing the mix: Aperol, with notes of bitter orange and rhubarb; and Cynar, a deeply herbaceous, artichoke-fueled concoction. Finished with a splash of Prosecco, this effervescent sipper goes down quick. $11

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