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Since joining Portland Monthly’s editorial team in 2010, Marty has covered books, tech start-ups, porn theater history, and population trends, and written features on the state’s UFO legacy and World Cup soccer fever in Portland. Marty commandeers the magazine’s front-of-the-book Mudroom section and backpage, and find excuses to leave the office by co-editing Portland Monthly’s travel blog, Tripster.

Burmese by birth and German by childhood, Marty arrived in Portland in 2005 by way of Los Angeles. He completed an MA in Medieval History at Portland State, where he got way into Derrida. When he’s not writing or editing, you can find him standing alongside his lovely wife in the Timbers Army, on his bike, or leveling his Titan.


Wet Hot American Comedian Michael Ian Black Comes to PDX

The stand-up comedian from The State and Wet Hot American Summer is in Portland for a two-night event at Helium.

10/14/2015 By Marty Patail


This Two-Seater Microcar Makes Car2Go Look Like a Limo Service

Is it a car or a scooter...or a death trap?

10/05/2015 By Marty Patail


When it Comes to Choosing Paint Colors, These Portland Pros Keep it Simple

Northeast Portland's Colorhouse offers just 128 colors to avoid decision overload.

10/05/2015 By Marty Patail


8 Winning Tech, Home, and Gadget Finds in Local Design

From the coolest cooler to eco-friendly toothbrushes, these Portland-designed goods will elevate your surroundings.

10/05/2015 By Marty Patail


The Portland Halloween Costume Cheat Sheet

Out of costume ideas? Why not go as an undead Uber driver killed in the Big One? Or a bearded Unipiper paying cash for a house?

09/21/2015 By Marty Patail


Can Loyal Legion Really Be Called a Beer Hall?

Our man from Munich explores the new 99-tap drinking establishment in Southeast Portland.

09/21/2015 By Marty Patail


Gadgets, Rubs, Tinctures, and Other Highlights from Oregon's New Weed Economy

This month’s hottest locally made goods—the weed edition!

09/21/2015 By Marty Patail


The Giant Floating Drydock That Fixed Shell's Arctic Oil Ship Is Just Getting Started

What the nation's largest floating dry dock has to do with #SHELLNO and the Portland economy

09/21/2015 By Marty Patail


The PSU Professor Who Says Wine's Whole 'Terroir' Thing Might Not Be a Thing

Joe Bohling, an expert on the history of the French wine industry, says his research looks at the not-so-ancient concept of terroir. We asked him to explain.

09/21/2015 By Marty Patail


Scenes of Pure Joy and Ecstasy from Oregon's First In-N-Out Burger

Look at these burgers. Just look at them.

09/09/2015 By Marty Patail


Local Paint Designer to Give Away Free Samples on September 15

Portland's Colorhouse will be giving away 8 oz paint samples to the first 250 visitors on September 15.

09/08/2015 By Marty Patail


Marijuana Legalization: Where Are We Now?

The chief petitioner of last year's successful legalization measure talks about where we are now—and where we have to go.

09/04/2015 By Marty Patail


Is this How Portland Will Look After the Apocalypse?

An new Fallout video game expansion offers a chilling look at Portland landmarks.

09/04/2015 By Marty Patail


Hot Travel Links: Slimy Snails on Holiday, Airplane Weigh-Ins, and the Greatest Travel Jacket Ever Made

This week’s craziest international travel stories.

08/25/2015 By Marty Patail


A Shopper's Guide to Portland's Best International Markets

Explore the world—one bite at a time—at Portland's plethora of global markets, where local meals and ingredients become tasty travelogues.

08/24/2015 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Zach Dundas, Allison Jones, Marty Patail, Rachel Ritchie, Benjamin Tepler, and Molly Woodstock


What Portlanders Really Think About Dietary Restrictions, Skipping Breakfast, and Cookbooks

We asked 500 of our readers about eating and cooking. This is what we found.

08/24/2015 By Marty Patail


5 Things About James Beard, Portland's Original Foodie

The first chef on television still captures our hearts and culinary imagination

08/24/2015 By Zach Dundas and Marty Patail


"We Do Best When We Focus on What Makes Portland Cool"

Feast co-founder Mike Thelin on Portland's premier food festival

08/24/2015 By Marty Patail


Can a Couple of Americans Transform the Ancient Art of Bonsai?

America's first homegrown bonsai exhibition and competition will showcase 70 trees from across the country.

08/24/2015 By Marty Patail