Playwright Susan Mach's Double Header

The local playwright breaks through with two world premieres at once.

12/17/2012 By Aaron Scott


The Making of a Therapy Llama

A look at how two big camelids learned to help humans.

12/14/2012 By Laura Lundberg


Slide Show: Portland's Therapy Llamas—and The Hats They Wear

Rojo, Smokey, and other llamas and alpacas visit metro-area clinics, hospitals, and schools. Often, they wear costumes.



Oregon’s Civil War Buffs

Our historical reenactors passionately relive battles between North and South

11/21/2012 By Riley Stevenson


The Straight Blast Philosophy

Matt Thornton has a skeptic's approach to fighting—and life.

11/21/2012 By Shane Danaher


Introducing Roe

These days, the most direct route to the Oregon Coast from Portland is through Wafu’s back room on SE Division Street.

11/20/2012 By Kelly Clarke

Best Restaurants 2012

Five Things You Must Eat in 2012

You don't need to rent a tux to tackle these low-brow dishes.

10/16/2012 By Mike Thelin Edited by Rachel Ritchie and Karen Brooks