Reporter Dispatch + Slideshow

A Day at the Races

Portland Meadows kicks off its season on Sunday. We revisit the race track's high-stakes rebranding and last year's opening day.

07/17/2013 Edited by Aaron Scott By Stephen Person


My Millionaire Makeover

Portland's new Lasting Connections retrofits a shabby young writer for the upscale singles scene.

04/16/2013 Videography by Stephen Person By Sam Coggeshall


OHSU: 125 Years of Connection

A short history of the past and future of Oregon Health and Sciences University.

11/16/2012 By Randy Gragg Videography by Stephen Person

feast your ears

MusicfestNW Picks & Video Buffet

Overwhelmed by the 165 bands spread out over five days at Musicfest? Here are eight shows not to miss, along with a tasty video smorgasbord.

08/30/2012 By Aaron Scott, Kit Mauldin, and Stephen Person With Riley Stevenson

dreaming of ponies and peonies

Review: Sigur Rós at Edgefield

08/10/2012 By Stephen Person


Instant Cool (Just Add Tools)

ADX takes “craft” to the next level by providing inventive citizens with tools and room to work.

07/14/2012 By Bill Lascher Videography by Stephen Person

Fantastic Mr. Frame

Video Interview with Visionary Sculptor/Filmmaker John Frame

The California sculptor comes to town on Monday to talk about creating his fantastical exhibition at the Portland Art Museum, which closes May 28.

05/25/2012 By Aaron Scott Videography by Stephen Person


Video: Poetry Smackdown

Local teen poets lay down samples of their vibrant verse in our web exclusive video.

03/23/2012 Edited by Stephen Person


Review: The Shins Port of Morrow

James Mercer releases fourth album with entirely new band called…The Shins?

03/20/2012 By Stephen Person

Web Exclusive

The Sunday Life Line

Confronted by skyrocketing prices in inner North and Northeast Portland, many African Americans who grew up there have moved to the more affordable edges of the city. So churches are finding ways to bring them back for services. Every Sunday, Roberta Tyle

02/23/2012 Edited by Aaron Scott With Stephen Person


Make a Gorgeous Dry Terrarium!

easy instructions can be found on this video by Artemisia’s Amy Bryant-Aiello

01/30/2012 By Kate Bryant

Web Exclusive

Video: Well Cobbled

Don't throw out those pricey kicks—just get a new sole!

01/20/2012 Edited by Stephen Person

Web Exclusive

Video: The Lion Sings

Revolutionary singer Thomas Mapfumo (a.k.a. "The Lion of Zimbabwe") pays tribute to Bob Marley.

01/20/2012 Edited by Stephen Person



So you like the idea of gardening but you want to start out small. Try a terrarium! We've got a video to help you get started.

01/20/2012 By Kate Bryant


Video: Well Cobbled

Those boots might be made for walking—but only for so long. See how Julie Derrick, owner of JD’s Shoe Repair, can save your soles.

01/20/2012 Videography by Stephen Person

Web Exclusive

Video: Rocket Science

Photographer David Emmite’s stunning time-lapse panorama of PSAS’s high-desert launchpad.

11/18/2011 Edited by Stephen Person

Web Exclusive

Video: Mariachi Singer Edna Vazquez

Latina singing sensation Edna Vazquez demonstrates three distinct types of mariachi music in an exclusive video performance.

10/27/2011 Edited by Stephen Person Videography by Markus Shearer


Video: Mariachi Singer Edna Vazquez

A genre-bending Portland-area mariachi singer becomes a Spanish-language TV sensation.

10/27/2011 Videography by Markus Shearer and Stephen Person

Web Exclusive

Video: State Of Undress

Watch a behind-the-scenes slide show of our very entertaining photo shoot with award-winning dancer and local burlesque phenomenon Russell Bruner.

10/14/2011 Edited by Stephen Person

Behind the Scenes

Video: State Of Undress

Go behind the scenes of our very entertaining photo shoot with award-winning dancer and local burlesque phenomenon Russell Bruner.

10/14/2011 Videography by Stephen Person