The American Pilot

The story of Hazel Ying Lee, first Chinese American woman to fly for the US military.

11/23/2015 By Bill Lascher


The Imperial Minister

As combat raged around the world, one Oregonian became a war criminal.

11/23/2015 By Bill Lascher


The Highs and Lows of Car-Free Living in PDX

One man gave up his car in favor of Portland’s many mobility options. He loves it. Most of the time.

08/01/2014 By Bill Lascher


A Portland Disaster App Preps for the Big One

When the earth shakes, look to your iPhone.

03/22/2013 By Bill Lascher


Instant Cool (Just Add Tools)

ADX takes “craft” to the next level by providing inventive citizens with tools and room to work.

07/14/2012 By Bill Lascher Videography by Stephen Person


Tree Titan

He speaks for the trees.

04/27/2012 By Bill Lascher

plant of the week

The Joys of Flowering Quince

tough, charming and early to flower!

03/07/2012 By Kate Bryant

gallery grazing

First Thursday Sampler

03/01/2012 By Aaron Scott


A Hard Look at Portland's Dream of Ultra-Green Neighborhoods

The city's dream of pioneering sustainable neighborhoods faces tough obstacles.

09/21/2011 By Bill Lascher


A Sweet Cart Kick-Off

The creative ice cream scoopers at Salt & Straw debuted their new cart on NE Alberta – and we’ve got the photos.

05/27/2011 By Allison Jones


Carbon Cargo

Portland boasts its role in energy conservation. When it comes to transporting coal or stimulate the local economy, which will win out?

03/09/2011 By Bill Lascher

Happy Hour

Happy Hour: Break & Ink

Embrace the pleasant at Bread & Ink

09/02/2010 By John Chandler

Home Design

Before the Finishes

Remodeling a house is more than a new coat of paint and some hardwood floors. Listen to _Portland Spaces'_ remodeling tips from local experts.

08/19/2009 By Jessica Pruitt