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The Faces of Automotive

Dick's Auto Group Team, Shannon Inukai-Cuffee, Scott Inukai

Presented by Dick's Auto Group February 28, 2018

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Scott Inukai and Shannon Inukai-Cuffee point to a simple reason for the growth and success of Dick’s Auto Group: “We have really great employees.” Many of those employees have been with the business for decades. And if you’re looking to buy a car or truck, expect to be similarly treated like part of the family.

The co-presidents and siblings learned the ropes from their late father, Richard Inukai, who founded Dick’s Auto Group in 1985. “Working with family can be a challenge,” says Inukai-Cuffee, “but Scott and I are lucky that we respect each other so much.” Scott adds, “we have incredibly different skills and appreciate what each other brings to the table.”

After their dad passed away in 2011, the siblings have honored his memory by fulfilling his commitment to do the right thing for employees and customers. That means offering a range of makes and models-- Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai--and aiming to satisfy all their customers’ needs in automotive. They’ve added three new dealerships in the past five years spread across Hillsboro, with plans to break ground on a building for their newest dealership, Nissan, this summer.