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The Faces of Eye Care

Dr. Devin M. Gattey, Ophthalmologist and President of Oregon Eye Specialists

Presented by Oregon Eye Specialists May 25, 2021

Kevin Riedel, OD | Hansini Prasad, OD | Jeffrey Garrett OD | Christen Richard, MD | Thomas Crawford, MD | Eric Brown, OD |  Devin Gattey, MD | Kelly Chung, MD | Martin Balish, MD Daniel Brown, MD | David Sanders, MD | Zoey Stoumbos, MD | Brenda Stone, OD

Seated – Jacqueline Ng, MD | Nisha Nagarkatti-Gude, MD

Not in photo – Lorinna Lombardi, MD and Coleen Palileo, MD (September 2021)

With rigorous protocols in place to protect its employees and patients from Covid-19, Oregon Eye Specialists is focused on continually providing top-notch eye care at each of its six clinics across the Portland Metro Area. “For nearly three decades, Oregon Eye Specialists has focused on the patient experience,” says the group’s president, Dr. Devin M. Gattey. “We put all our time and energy into giving our patients the best possible medical and surgical outcomes while providing superb customer service.”

On top of fitting you with the perfect pair of glasses or contact lenses, the highly trained team of eye doctors specialize in cutting-edge treatments to combat some of the most prevalent maladies that affect the eyes, including cataracts. “Cataracts occur when the lens inside your eye becomes cloudy and needs to be replaced,” explains Gattey. “We specialize in premium intraocular lens implant technology that remedies the problem. That’s something many patients are interested in right now.”

Not only does this clear patients’ vision, but the implant can also fix nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. “The technology provides similar results to LASIK, which isn’t always a great choice once a patient is past 50 years old,” Gattey says. “We can perform the technique whenever cataracts appear, and it has very successful results.”

From the cordial front-desk staff to resources such as telehealth and a new, comprehensive online patient portal, Oregon Eye Specialists is going above and beyond to make patients feel comfortable as we all adapt to our new normal.


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