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The Faces of Caring for the Vulnerable

Dr. Naomi Fishman, Medical Director and Derrick Perry, Chief Program Officer, Albertina Kerr

Presented by May 27, 2022

When your child is in a mental health crisis, it can be terrifying. When your child has a severe disability that makes independence a near impossibility, it can be heartbreaking. Albertina Kerr is a safety net for children, families, and adults. In 2021, the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory to highlight the nation’s youth mental health crisis. But Kerr has been protecting and caring for the most vulnerable people in our community for 115 years.

“Our supportive programs make Kerr a place of hope, healing, and connection,” said Dr. Naomi Fishman, Kerr’s medical director. “We go above and beyond for the people we serve.”

Kerr offers short-term crisis psychiatric care and community-based outpatient mental health services for children and teens struggling with life’s challenges. Kerr also provides safe, supportive 24-hour residential care for children, teens, and adults experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), and employment training with follow-along coaching for adults with I/DD.

“What makes Kerr so special is our genuinely passionate caregivers,” said Derrick Perry, the chief program officer. “Our team’s positivity focuses on what we can do, not what we can’t. We are empowering people to reach their full potential. We care at Kerr.”

Albertina Kerr | albertinakerr.org | (503) 239-8101


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