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The Face of Luxury Real Estate

Jordan Matin, Oregon Principal Broker, Washington Managing Broker

Presented by Matin Real Estate May 25, 2022

Jordan Matin is known for being the most proactive and aggressive agent in the market. As a proud fifth-generation Portlander, his strong ties to the community and relationships are the foundation of his brokerage, Matin Real Estate. Throughout his career, Jordan has built a reputation for being a savvy and proactive agent. His ability to consistently exceed client goals for days on the market and sales price has made him one of the top 10 brokers in the region (out of more than 20,000). When Jordan launched his agency four years ago, he had a mission to provide outstanding results, mentor others, and share his knowledge and passion for real estate.

A recent client agreed, “I’ve worked with agents before, but Jordan is the best. He’s a reliable source of advice and assistance.”

Today he guides a team of agents dedicated to high-quality customer service from start to finish. Matin Real Estate is currently the most Google-reviewed real estate team in the Portland market. It is sought after by high-end luxury property sellers and buyers in Oregon and SW Washington. Jordan is also at the forefront of real estate marketing with proven strategies to maximize client returns. With the launch of two large-scale websites — PortlandRealEstate.com and PortlandLuxuryRealEstate.com

— his team provides local property information to a global audience. With his local knowledge and business acumen, Jordan’s clients are always confident that they will receive outstanding service and extraordinary results when working with him and his team.

Matin Real Estate | portlandluxuryrealestate.com | (503) 862-6683

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