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California Closets of Oregon

Darci Fredricks: passionate about design, sustainability, and team building.

Presented by California Closets of Oregon August 26, 2022

Darci Fredricks' California Closets career began 18 years ago in the Midwest and ever since then, she has been building on her expertise to better serve customers in her field. Since purchasing the Oregon location of California Closets in 2014, she has fallen in love with the state and the people here.

Along the way, Darci feels that while there have been some misconceptions and challenges about being a female business owner, she has been treated equally most of the time, and doesn’t dwell on any inequities that she comes across.

She explained, “Especially when I was younger, I would be asked what my husband did in the business or if my father was involved. While both those assumptions were not even close, I found that being knowledgeable about my business, surrounding myself with great team members, and being respectful to others breaks through most people’s judgments pretty quickly. Overall, I’ve chosen to not be in a mindset of watching for where I’m treated unfairly or unequally.”

In the last eight years, Darci has proven herself as a true leader, growing the business from 13 to now 56 locally employed team members. In addition to the Manufacturing Center in Tualatin, they have showrooms in the Pearl, West Linn, and Bend. Their fourth location by Bridgeport will open in the fall. “My favorite part of being a business owner and leader is building the team,”

Darci shared. “It is rewarding to watch individuals grow and realize their potential, especially in an industry where labor-skilled individuals often haven’t been invested in. I strive to set up a place where people feel they give and receive value. There are so many people on my current and past teams that are just good humans and hard workers…I love engaging with people who go about their own business in a way that improves life for everyone.”

California Closets of Oregon

West Linn Central Village Showroom: 
22000 Willamette Dr
West Linn, OR 97068 503.885.8211

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