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German International School

GIS provides an educational experience that is academically challenging, cross-cultural, and encourages curiosity, empathy, cooperation, and bilingualism.

Presented by German International School August 26, 2022

As an IB World School, we believe in a whole-child approach to learning at GIS Portland. Through the framework of the IB Primary Years Programme and language immersion in German or Chinese, students at GIS are globally-minded, adaptive, independent thinkers who grow to become lifelong learners.

In this immersion setting, Preschool students play, explore, and discover in a hands-on, inquiry-based environment. Kindergarteners build upon this experience with a continued emphasis on curiosity and play while learning to be more confident and independent learners.

Our grade school students benefit from integrated learning opportunities across their subject areas. As they move into middle school, students have a solid foundation rooted in inquiry, respect for others and their environment, and proficiency in their chosen language. They continue to make connections between what they’re studying and the world around them.  

3900 SW Murray Blvd., Beaverton, OR 97005

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