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Northwest Academy

At every grade level, we respect our students' abilities to comprehend challenging ideas & demonstrate their understanding with insight & creativity.

Presented by Northwest Academy August 26, 2022

Northwest Academy is an independent, arts-focused middle and high school (grades 6–12) located in downtown Portland. We prepare students for college through engaged and rigorous academics and a full foundation in the arts. We see each student as a unique individual and we foster a community that emphasizes inclusivity and diversity.

Art and academics, creativity and analysis, innovation and tradition, inspiration and discipline are all a part of the dialogue in our smaller classes. Our high school students can design a schedule that will allow them to confidently examine their ambitions, abilities, and interests to find their best route to success. Accredited by NWAIS.

Find Your People. Find Your Passion. Find Yourself at Northwest Academy.

Celebrating 25 years of inspired learning.

GRADES: 6 - 12
TUITION: $25,860–$27,580

1130 SW Main St, Portland, OR 97205

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