63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

The people's guide to Portland now!

By Karen Brooks July 14, 2010 Published in the August 2010 issue of Portland Monthly

IN NOVELIST CHUCK PALAHNIUK’S loving hometown travelogue, Fugitives and Refugees, fellow writer Katherine Dunn describes a defining feature of local life: "Everyone in Portland is living a minimum of three lives. Everyone has at least three identities. They’re a grocery store checker, an archaeologist, and a biker guy. Or they’re a poet, a drag queen, and a bookstore clerk." Indeed, for Portlanders, hobbies become obsessions and sometimes even professions that, in turn, build audiences of fans. What began as one person’s passion is suddenly on everyone’s must-do list. For our latest celebration of the city, we tapped some of those creative eclectics making Portland a mecca of eccentricity, from vegans and ethical carnivores to vinyl record collectors and crazed Portland Timbers fans. And for those of you just acquainting yourself with the city, we offer some quintessential Portland experiences, including classic outdoor trips, not-to-be-missed farmers market stalls, and the local books and records you need on your shelf.

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