63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do  

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Arts & Culture


People’s Guide to Portland: Video Edition

Take a closer look into seven of our recommended must-do's.



30 seconds with… Jan Haaken

Four questions about Jan Haaken's new local documentary, "Guilty Except for Insanity," answered by the filmmaker herself.

07/15/2010 By Lauren Fox

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Culture

Recommendations by Christina Sells, Sarah Dougher, Nate Overmeyer, Thomas Lauderdale, and Matt Zaffino on how to get down with Portland culture. Sneak peak must-do's: listen to folk music, learn how to dance, and get retired.

07/14/2010 By Karen Brooks

Long Story [Short]

The Cyborg

Cyborg Anthropologist Amber Case examines the human/computer relationship, explaining that in this day and age, we are all cyborgs—all entirely dependent on technology, so much so that it has become a part of us.

07/14/2010 By Chris Bailey

Eat & Drink


Pinot Partners

Oregon and Washington wine to be promoted in China.

07/15/2010 By Kasey Cordell

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Eat & Drink

Take a walk on the wild side: Justin Oswald's guide on where to get good, fresh meat in Portland. Don't like meat? How about Paige Powell's guide to going vegan? If you'd rather eat out, there's Robert More's recommendations for dining with strangers. Or

07/14/2010 By Karen Brooks

Eat This Now

Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern

Saraveza pot roast pasty shows Hot Pocket what's what.

07/14/2010 By John Chandler


Tasty n Sons

Tapas-inspired brunch joint opens on N Williams thanks to Toro Bravo owner and chef, John Gorham.

07/14/2010 By Rachel Ritchie


Rind, Refined

Learn how to repurpose your watermelon rinds into watermelon pickles.

07/14/2010 By Deena Prichep


Forgotten Fruits

Hard Cider finally to the fore, after waiting in the wings behind main stage stars Beer and Wine.

07/14/2010 By Rachel Ritchie

Portland Plated

Cold Fusion

Portland Plated presents six local can't-miss ice cream parlors.

07/14/2010 By Mike Thelin

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

Bootstrap Medicis

07/14/2010 By Randy Gragg

Health & Wellness


Labor Pins

While being jabbed by needles during childbirth may sound like a painful idea, it has been demonstrated to be surprisingly beneficial. With new 24-hour, on-call acupuncture service Acu-Birth now on the Portland scene, naturopathic birthing is on its way t

07/15/2010 By Lydia Beyoud


Word on the Street, August 2010

This month's word: ebike, n.


Home & Real Estate


Flowering Maple

Kate Bryant's monthly gardening tip for August highlights the Flowering Maple, a beautiful decorative plant equipped to stand up against the cold come winter.

07/15/2010 By Kate Bryant


The Simpler Life

This newly crafted Buckman home proves small can be both sustainable and stylish, by using dual purpose fixtures and furniture with high design aesthetic.

07/14/2010 By Anna Sachse


ID-ing P-town

Portland industrial designers are being noticed on a national scale, but what's next?

07/02/2010 By Christian DeBenedetti

News & City Life

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Become a Fan

Become a fan of Portland's home teams, from mainstream sports to more alternative arenas. Learn how to enlist in the Timbers Army from Shawn Levy, or let Beth Burns burden you with a cyclocross addiction. Best yet, become a derby devotee by following Judg

07/15/2010 By Karen Brooks

Style & Shopping


Lust List

Portland's industrial designers produce beautiful objects with everyday uses, from zip drives and keyboards to camp stoves and bicycles.

07/23/2010 By Christian DeBenedetti


Gettin’ Jeggy With It

A quick look at the new jeggings fashion trend by Portland Monthly's in-house style expert.

07/15/2010 By Martha Calhoon


Up With Umpqua

Find out how Oregon's Umpqua Bank has managed to come out of the recession as Oregon's largest bank.

07/15/2010 By Randy Gragg

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Shop

Go shopping for some of Portland's most desired commodities: costumes, with help from Alicia J. Rose; plants, with help from Elizabeth Beekley; records, with help from Jay Martin; and fabric, with the help of Bill Crane.

07/15/2010 By Karen Brooks


63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

The people's guide to Portland now!

07/14/2010 By Karen Brooks

Travel & Outdoors


Table Rock Trail

In the vicinity of Molalla, Oregon, sits Table Rock, a breathtaking beacon, remnant of old volcanic flows of yore. Climb to the top and witness spectacular, unforgettable views reaching at far north as Rainier and as far south as Shasta with this month's

07/15/2010 With Brian Barker

63 Things Every Portlander Must Do

Must Do: Walk-About

Go for a walk and discover Jewish deli owner Nick Zukin's favorite Latin hot spots, Kristin Kaye's favorite ways that Portland gives back to our green Earth, or Rabbi Gary Schoenberg's favorite boating businesses.

07/14/2010 By Karen Brooks

Web Exclusives


The Cyborg: Web Exclusive