How to Bring Some Portland Style to Your Next Camping Adventure

Level up your camping trip with the newest finds from retro, pattern-happy Poler and sleek, lightweight Snowpeak—plus 6 more outdoor outfitters to get you out in style.

By Benjamin Tepler September 21, 2015 Published in the October 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

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We love the retro cuts and vibrant patterns of Portland-bred brand POLER. Would you pack Poler to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail? Maybe not. Would you snuggle in forest twilight in a camo Napsack? Any time. BT 413 SW 10th Ave,


  • The Napsack: The walking, talking sleeping bag with leg and arm holes. Plush mobility. $136
  • The Two Man Tent: A veritable minibus: five generous feet of headroom. $250
  • Women’s Cedar Jacket: The quintessential Poler jacket: waterproof, insulated, cool (in  a fashion sense). $179
  • Worker Man Beanie: Waffle-weave to keep your noggin toasty. $20


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The just-so Japanese brand SNOWPEAK keeps its North American HQ in Portland, giving us rare in-person access to its foldable, unbreakable, highly efficient campsite accessories. 410 NW 14th Ave,


  • Hozuki Lantern 2.0: Senses the wind (simulating a flickering candle) and sound (dimming as its surroundings fall silent). $100
  • Single BBQ Box: You could almost stash this mini charcoal grill in a shoebox. $180
  • Titanium Sake Bottle and Cups: Elegant, weightless single-walled construction for easy chilling in glacial runoff. $180 & $35
  • Cast-Iron Oven: Beautifully engineered, finely polished cast iron: the key to good fireside cobbler. $250
  • Single-Action Table: Light, compact, supremely sturdy bamboo. $330
  • Titanium Fork & Spoon Set: Basic utensils, about as light as a disposable set, that will last eons. $26


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