LA Continues the California Invasion of Portland—With a Stylish Pop-Up?!

Adding to the Golden State craze, an LA-focused makers event sets up camp for two weeks. Goodwill or imperialism? Read on!

By Eden Dawn November 25, 2015

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We know, we know, there’s a lot of talk about Californians coming to Oregon. And as an Oregon native, I can clearly recall “STAY OUT” style bumper stickers as far back as the early 80s plastered on the back of Volvo station wagons. So, let’s just say the Oregon-California exchange is not new. But as with all change, some isn’t great, and some of it is welcome, and these Los Angelenos are trying to do it right with their homage to Portland’s design spirit.

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Items from All Roads Studio and Knotwork LA. Image courtesy Stockpiler.

LAX <3s PDX is an art event/pop-up shop curated by photographer Christopher Dibble under the name Stockpiler. Dibble’s goal is to celebrate the good in Los Angeles and expose Portlanders to crafts people they haven’t yet heard of with every item in the show made in LA. But before we shout about the one-way heresy, Dibble plans next to turn the tongue-in-cheek event the other way, hosting a Portland designer focused pop up in LA. The concept started with the idea that that Portland hates California and he says it's a way to address the idea in a not-so-serious, tongue in cheek manner. We asked him some questions about the eyebrow raising show: 

Where did you get the idea?
“I thought it would be fun to play with the notion that Portland hates Californians, but use that concept as a way to show off some great crafts people who we don’t get to see here [in Portland].” 

What would you say to people that might not be put off by the all LA show?
“Portland is like the epicenter for makers, and people up here really appreciate beautifully crafted, hand-made items. It is not to distract from or discount Portland makers, it’s more a celebration of the things made by people, real people, and I think Portland will get behind that idea.”

 What can someone expect to see at the pop-up event?
“I’ve curated this event to only have a few items from each artist. Some artists are represented with only one item. There are unique textile pieces, weavings and fabric collages. Functional art in the form of planters and a set of espresso cups, whimsical “mystery creatures” made of ceramics and wearable’s created with vintage fabrics, sourced from around Los Angeles. Also, porcelain jewelry, cast brass key holders and stained glass art. There will be 10 artists represented and over 50 pieces of art to view and buy.

Some of the featured artists are:

  • Fallen Fruit: An art team who has shown in museums all over the world, currently showing at The Portland Art Museum.
  • All Roads Studio: A husband and wife team, him concentrating on metal fabrication, and her working with fiber including a unique, gold-leafed weaving specifically for this event.
  • Clare Crespo: A fun and prolific artist who’s been featured in numerous national magazines and recently had a solo show at Heath Ceramics.
  • Debbie Bean: A sought after stained glass artist who’s shown at The Ace Hotel DTLA
  • Knotwork LA: A husband and wife duo, creating light hearted pieces from wood and clay.
  • Alyson Iwamoto: She has pieces sold in the American museum of ceramic art, Pasadena Museum of California Art, and now with Stockpiler.

Stockpiler Presents: LAX <3s PDX
Hosted by Interior Design Shop, Christopher David
901 NW tenth Ave, Portland
Runs 11/28/15 through 12/11/15. 


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