National Pollinator Week 2013

National Pollinator Week 2013 kicks off with a compelling local story underscoring the importance of avoiding the use - and misuse - of toxic insecticides

06/21/2013 By Kate Bryant


A Dash of Basalt in Your Soil, Ma'm?

A locally produced rock offers a steady dose of minerals and trace elements to garden soil and containers. It might even make your tomatoes taste better!

06/14/2013 By Kate Bryant


A Gentle Giant: Gorgeous Geraniums

Made for shade, this super bionic looking, hot-pink geranium will inspire curiosity and plant lust!

06/07/2013 By Kate Bryant


Five Perfect Parking Strip Plants

Plant these drought tolerant and beautiful plants for an elegant parking strip garden with year-round interest

06/04/2013 By Kate Bryant


Sow Seeds Now for Summer Flowers

We offer a list of seeds you can plant now for colorful garden flowers this year. Time to get sowing!

05/20/2013 By Kate Bryant


Cram Your Way to Spring Gardening Success

Pack in plants for seasonal glory

05/01/2013 By Kate Bryant


Heavenly Hydrangeas

Find lots of old-fashioned mopheads, cutting-edge variegated cultivars, and dazzling wild species at Hydrangeas Plus Spring Sale 2013.

04/26/2013 By Kate Bryant


Lilac Days (and Tulips, Too)

Take a jaunt just north of Portland for a festive, flower-filled festival. Come home with plants and bouquets!

04/23/2013 By Kate Bryant


Lovely Lilies for Pacific Northwest Gardens

Plant the best, most gloriously fragrant lilies for Pacific Northwest gardens

04/13/2013 By Kate Bryant


Tulip Fest 2013

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm's month-long, annual Tulip Fest starts this weekend and runs through May 5. Every day. Rain or shine!

03/25/2013 By Kate Bryant


Cistus Design's Top Three Winter Flowers 2013

Portland garden designer and plantsman suggests three uncommon and luscious winter flowers for 2013

01/29/2013 By Kate Bryant

pop-up flower shop

Rejuve Hosts Pop-Up Flower Shop

Fieldwork Flowers nestled into Rejuvenation for the 2012 holiday season

11/13/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant this!

Five Fab Fall Flowers

Five flowers that are worth waiting all summer for

10/04/2012 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Hardy Fuchsias for Portland Gardeners

Fuchsias have a reputation for being old-fashioned plants. But as with other old-school flowers, they're making a come-back as gardeners discover their popularity with hummingbirds and pollinators.

08/29/2012 By Kate Bryant

To Read

The 50 Mile Bouquet

Local and sustainable hits the florist shop.

05/20/2012 By Kristin Belz


Flower Class with Frolic!

Take a flower-arranging class on April 30 with Chelsea Fuss of the whimsical and wonderful blog Frolic! and learn to make fresh spring blooms from your garde...

04/12/2011 By Amara Holstein

plants & politics

Say it With (Organic?) Flowers

maybe a local, seasonal, organic bouquet is in your future!

02/09/2011 By Kate Bryant

plant geek's corner

In a Tight Spot? Plant This Eucryphia!

Eucryphia x nymansensis ‘Mt. Usher’

09/22/2010 By Kate Bryant

profile: good businesses

Ferguson’s Fragrant Garden Nursery and Heirloom Garden Roses

An easy half-day jaunt in the St. Paul, OR area

09/13/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Dahlias and More Dahlias!

Florid, frothy fluff-ball flowers!

09/03/2010 By Kate Bryant