Urban Planning

Was the Springwater Corridor Doomed to Controversy From the Start?

The path was built for the people. And they came—just not how anyone planned.

10/10/2016 By Ramona DeNies


Can Tiny Homes Help Solve Homelessness?

“It’s a logical way of upsizing from a tent,” says urban planner Andrew Heben.

09/21/2016 By Ramona DeNies


Portland’s Lost Boys Are Coming to a Screen Near You

A group of this city’s homeless youth are the protagonists of a new documentary, following them as they make their own film version of Peter Pan.

06/02/2016 By Fiona McCann


Transition Projects' Soup for the Soul

Soup for the Soul, Transition Projects' annual benefit, connects soup lovers and top chefs while funding resources to move homeless into housing.

02/04/2014 By Erik Maurer

Light a Fire 2009

Monica Beemer

It was 2001, and the troubled organization—an advocacy group for the homeless that runs a café serving low-cost nutritional meals—was losing $100,000 each year. To save Sisters, Beemer spent hours in her office fundraising and by 2005 Beemer had helped do



Slide Show: Fruitful Fete

Marriott's opening raises funds for local nonprofit